26 February 2012

Beautiful Fundoshi Photography

"Wear it, share it" has always been a motto of the blog, and today we'd like to express gratitude to Fundoshi 4 All reader "R," who's shared some gorgeously-worn fundoshi with us that also happen to be artistically shot and burning hot. Wet and dry rokushaku and the rarely discussed -- at this blog at least -- kuroneko ("black cat") style fundoshi are both modeled with masculine beauty to spare by the often aroused wearer, who takes this opportunity on film not only to display himself wrapped up (and frequently unwrapped too) -- but also to find creative ways to use a camera, simple lighting, black & white, and color.

Sometimes all it takes is the sunlight slanting through the blinds, or some deep shadows, an interesting background color or texture, or even just a mind full of dirty thoughts to produce fundoshi portraits that inspire!

(my God, how did he ever fit that thing in his fundoshi in the first place??)

This has been an excellent year already for reader submissions! I'm looking forward to many more. You can show us your fundoshi by submitting images to ihsodnufraew at yahoo dot com!


LR said...

I agree How did that guy who is hanging out of his fundoshi even fit it in the first place. Great photos.

sew-he knits too said...

Wow! Great looking fundoshis..... oh and the guy is amazing, too. Amazingly sexy images bring dabs and dribbles of b=precum to my third "eye".

Anonymous said...

wow these are really beautiful pics, thankx for putting them here and allowing us to see the beauty of fundoshi