01 February 2012

Fundoshi Diaries, Part Three: Keeping It Under Wraps

A day off, finally. It feels so good to laze in my sheets for a while before the siren call of coffee lures me to my feet. After toast with a little too much butter, I shower and shave, towel dry and smooth my hair. Today I wear a rust-colored fundoshi under dark jeans that aren't exactly tight (but they do make my butt look good!) and a soft old Radiohead t-shirt. Lots of dark colors today, they make my watery green eyes look really bright, even with my winter tan.

Lately I've been really turned on, almost in a constant state of horny arousal. No amount of masturbation seems to quench my lusty body, and today is no different. I can feel my plump cock in its fundoshi-hammock, and every twist and movement my body makes just seems to feed its constant erection even more. What gives? I'm not pent up. My girlfriend and I have been having sweet, passionate, pillow-gripping sex quite regularly. I haven't been looking at more porn (than usual). I guess I've had a few sexy dreams, but did that lead to my aroused state, or did my aroused state lead to the dreams? I reach under the waistband of my jeans, hook my thumbs under the twisted belt of the fundoshi, and give a hearty hitch. The fabric cocooning my balls and shaft pulls tight, relaxing deliciously when I unhook my thumbs. Maybe I need to masturbate again? Is it possible to jack off this much, and still be unsatisfied? I think about the millions of sperm that have spurted out of my cock this week alone, each probably convinced he was going to fertilize some lucky egg and become a future Nobel Prize winner -- only to splash hotly on my hand and then get washed down the sink.

I decide to hold off on the masturbation. It feels kind of good to be sexily buzzing all throughout the day. I can't wait for my girlfriend to get home. I can greet her at the door with some wet sweet kisses, and after she unzips the fly of my jeans maybe she'll fumble with the twisted cloth of my fundoshi for a minute, before I just shove the fabric to one side and free my impossibly hard cock, taking her right there on the couch with my fundoshi still on.


sew-he knits too said...

Great pix.... I wish there was a fundoshi bar or party around northern NJ

John said...

The great pix and steamy narrative really have me going. I've been hornier than usual too and don't know why. It's not at all unpleasant since I know I can take care of it myself or wait until the evening. The only question remaining is: Fundoshi on or off?

John said...

Update: It happened with fundoshi-on. Penetration was rough. She yanked on my fundoshi which rubbed and stimulated my hole. Orgasm was intense and loud and I got an attaboy slap on my butt for a job well done. Yeah, I was still horny. We males are all about our sperm; making and delivering it. It's us. It's who we are. A fundoshi glorifies the male body for its sexual design, protecting and showcasing our equipment that is programmed to seek release.