04 February 2012

Fundoshi On Film, Pornographically Speaking

As an English-speaker in America, it seems pretty hard to come by good fundoshi-themed erotic films. I wish I could read kanji! I feel like there's probably tons of great fundoshi porn out there, but my limited linguistic knowledge makes it pretty tough to seek it out.

In Japan, and to an extent in Thailand, China, and Singapore, there seems to be a fair amount of fundoshi-themed porn of both the straight and gay variety. The small amount that is accessible to the english-speaking market is fascinating and leaves me lusting for more. In particular, I'd like to find more scenes where the participants' fundoshis stay on longer -- rather than being a hastily-discarded prop. It's supremely arousing to see men and women growing aroused in their fundoshi, engaging in fundoshi-frottage, or using their partly- or fully- untied fundoshi for alternate uses like blindfolds, to bind their wrists or ankles (either to one another or to bedposts), or tied behind the balls as a cock-leash for the partner to tug on.

Should you stumble across fundoshi-porn of any persuasion (straight, bi, or gay), it would be great if you'd post (safe, virus-free) links here!

And on that note, adult video on the internet is probably the single biggest source of malware, so please exercise caution. I've done my best to make sure these links are clean but please understand that I'm not responsible for the ethics of the people and advertisers on xtube, itsallgay, hotgoo, etc. To be truly assured of safety, don't follow links like these at all. If you want to comfortably follow these links, at least use a virus scan. I've had no troubles but I'd hate it if someone did. Use your own best judgement, and be careful.

As a warm-up, here are some stills from all over the internet, taken from often anonymous porn that features the fundoshi:

Here a few films that deliver the goods, for me. It starts as a tightening feeling of my already-snug fundoshi -- then the tingles begin!

1. "Akiya" http://www.hotgoo.com/watch/168563/Akiya

In this first one, Akiya puts on his fundoshi and submerges in a tank of water. He wears it pretty well. There's only a mild amount of nudity here, and a couple off-camera hands reach out and touch Akiya's wet fundoshi appreciatively but otherwise this is simply a nice fundoshi-tying video. I get the idea that some hot fundoshi shenanigans occurred after the clip ends but that is left up to our imaginations!

2. "Japanese Muscle Fuck" http://www.itsallgay.eu/static_view_video/91486.html

This one is far more explicit.This is a much longer piece, apparently based in feudal Japan, where two traditionally-attired men make out and engage in oral sex. I found this particularly satisfying because their fundoshis stay on for a great deal of the video. They touch each other through the cloth, and lick and kiss all around their inner thighs and the edges of their fundoshis. At the very end they engage in some anal intercourse. One other nice feature of this particular video is that you can adjust the contrast and saturation of the picture -- plus, you can watch it in slow-motion! Which I did, starting at about the 3:30 mark, with nearly volcanic results. Those features really add to the overall experience, but for me the co-starring role that the two men's fundoshis play is the main attraction!

3. "Fun Do See!!" http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=vDma7-S560-

A nice seven-minute fundoshi masturbation that takes it's time -- his fundoshi stays at least partially on the entire time, ending with it looped around his waist


4. "Fundoshi Cum" http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=CWclj-C253-

This second piece features a fundoshi that's tied a little looser, allowing the wearer some pretty easy access to the goods inside. By video's end his fingers are dripping with freshly-squeezed cum and his fundoshi is a little askew, but still on.

5. "Fundoshi Cum" http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=DrCv7-G556-
This is a little more abstract, with the wearer enjoying his fundoshi in what appears to be a public restroom. It's playfully filmed, and utilizes some unique angles. There are crickets singing in the background. Points for trying something different!

6. "cum_shot2" http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=qhgSh-C352-

This tattooed beauty wastes no time in pushing the pouch of his fundoshi to one side and indulging in a long round of self-gratification, before marinating his smooth belly with sticky-slick bursts of milky cum. Around 2:40, he rolls over and displays some gorgeous ink as he humps his mattress for a few seconds. His relaxed post-orgasm euphoria is almost palpable.


7. "my video15" http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=d759r-C242-

This has to be one of my very favorite fundoshi-tying videos ever. This should appeal to those of you who love the dot-pattern, too! The follow-up video, "my video16," shows him undoing his handiwork and milking his erection, which may appeal more to some viewers, but I appreciate the reverse-striptease of this great tying video.


8. "Roku shaku a loincloth" http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=iCo8a-G248-

This is another nicely-done fundoshi tying video, shot from a great below-looking-up angle that displays the heavy front package of his fundoshi even from the back!


John said...

Perhaps we need to produce our own western fundoshi porn! My fundoshi has been a key element of bedroom activities for some time now and it really is fun to have it untied and then used to bind my wrists to the bed, losing all control over what follows.

John said...

The videos are great! The sex, the self pleasure, the pure eroticism of males being tied in fundoshi, the simple cloth holding back our erections and our seed are all totally hot.

MIke said...

Agreement with John on both counts!
And thanks for the video links.
Nice to see "how to" videos that deal with tucking in your stuff and some interesting twisting up the ass detail. There is some variety in how much twist to have in general, I find less twist = more comfort but less security.

Tks again!

Anonymous said...

where you get the first image,where can i get the video

Fundoshi 4 All! said...

That picture is from something I stumbled across here http://www.dnanpa.com/dnanpa/VideoList.php?selection=15, called "Cult Of The Fundoshi."

John said...

I get horny each time I look at this post. :)

Fundoshi 4 All! said...

Hey John, how is your fundoshi year treating you?