30 September 2011

Obvious Erections and What To Do With Them

(This post veers into NC-17 territory from the usual...R/PG-13++ territory? It's by necessity for the topic at hand -- no sense beating around the bush! As I've gathered fundoshi pics from far and wide, many have featured the wearers in clear states of arousal. They're eye-catching shots despite -- or because of -- their eroticism so I've included a gallery of favorites after the main post. Merely acknowledging the fundoshi's sensuality without expressly celebrating it does a disservice to it's raw sexual potential I feel, it seems high time to strip away the cautious civility and indulge the sweatier, stickier side of fundoshi-wearing.)

It's "bound" to occur. Whether in the sensuous act of wrapping yourself in fundoshi, while wearing fundoshi, or prior to being unwrapped (by yourself or a lover); that which is enclosed within the fundoshi's folds -- namely, your penis -- is guaranteed to grow hard at some point.

"Every time I wear fundoshi, I cum," says RokushakuBouzu, one of the fundoshi-wearers I've encountered while scouring the web. He's hard merely at the thought, let alone while engaged in the action. So tying the fundoshi with an erection in mind is clearly of importance to him, and there's no doubt that the fundoshi is major fetish-fuel for lots of other people, from those who grew up wearing it to budding Japanophiles to yaoi-reading fangirls to underwear/loincloth lovers to men and women in the bondage communities.

In our society, unbidden erections can be inconvenient, or even cause for embarrassment. Even in certain African tribal systems where nudity is the norm, appearing physically aroused in public is considered tasteless, rude, and antisocial. Arousal is reserved for the private moments, the intimate encounters -- for lovemaking or the consummation of marriage rituals. In effect, it needs to be welcomed by the viewing party, or it is decidedly not welcome.

Fundoshi as a garment/undergarment continues to be a source of amazement by actually looking even better when your penis is filled with hot pulsing blood. The ease of adjustment allows you to loosen the fundoshi if you find the increasing tightness uncomfortable, or you can even slide the entire pouch to one side and let your engorged cock spring free. Quite honestly, though, the feeling of containment that an erection inside your fundoshi can bring on is one of many selling points of the sexual side of fundoshi wearing -- and as your partner unwinds you, the gradual loosening and slippage of the fabric against your sensitized parts is an aspect of foreplay to relish!

One of many advantages of the fundoshi is that your penis is enfolded in the cloth in an upward position anyway, so the stiffening of your male member within the fabric basket is visually smoothed (somewhat) and not quite as obvious underneath pants. So if you're turned on in public it isn't going to out the fact that you are also wearing an ancient Japanese loincloth. All disclaimers apply: if you're big or wearing fitted clothing, a hard on is going to be evident no matter what you do! This is not necessarily an undesirable occurrence, though -- if the environment or your company is that stimulating anyway, perhaps the moment is ripe for follow-through.

Fundoshi is a delectable accompaniment to sex. While getting undressed (or being undressed by another) is nearly always part of the fun, a fundoshi can introduce an exotic puzzle to the unfamiliar partner, certainly much more intrigue and options than underwear. In addition, a semi-untied or fully untied fundoshi can easily become an accessory to the proceedings: a blindfold, a gag, or tied around wrists, for example. One end of your fundoshi could be looped around the base of your cock, behind the balls, and the long free end can be drawn up between your buttocks, up the spine and over your shoulder, creating a cock-leash for your lover to tug while they fellate you or as you enter them. The fundoshi is also a convenient after-sex wrap, when a loosely tied loincloth might be just the thing to accompany glow-y post-coital lounging. Or, in a purely utilitarian sense, it can be used to wipe up splashes and dribbles!

Another fun way to use a fundoshi during sex (or masturbation) is to tie it on with a small vibrator enclosed in the wrappings, just behind the root of your cock where it will stimulate your prostate and perineum. The architecture of the fundoshi causes the vibrations to travel through the entire garment, and vibrations on the perineum often result in extremely pleasurable sensations, not to mention copious amounts of clear pre-cum liquid. Try touching a vibrator to various parts of the fundoshi, it can be quite surprising how the garment amplifies and transmits your sensations.

And partners, as fun as it is to free your lover's cock -- It's OK to leave the fundoshi on for extended foreplay, to nibble and tease, to stroke, caress, and fondle your partner through the cloth, or to grab and pull on the fundoshi (always gently at first -- keeping the lines of communication open!). Your fumblings with the snugly wound fabric are probably not minded at all -- they can be an additional turn on. Don't be afraid to make the fundoshi a big part of your lovemaking session. Ask to be wrapped up by your lover -- one of the most fun ways to wear a fundoshi is when it is wrapped around your body by another person! It's fun and educational. Or ask to be tied up, etc., with it. Nearly every sex toy and accessory pales next to the versatility of this simple length of cloth. But that doesn't mean fundoshi doesn't mix well with ropes, vibrators, fleshlights, butt plugs, cockrings, you name it.

In truth, there's no real necessity to take the fundoshi off at all! Just as you can don fundoshi after you've pulled your pants on, you can leave your fundoshi tied during your sexual linkages -- just slide the front pocket to one side along the waistband so that your balls and shaft are free. Many men enjoy the sensation of the twisted thong portion against their anus as they thrust their hips, and partners have something to grab onto if things get wilder.

On top of that, not much is easier to launder than a fundoshi!

(Hope you just came in your fundoshi! Twice!! Have a great weekend.)


John said...

Whew! Thanks for taking the wraps off of this especially pleasurable part of wearing a fundoshi! I have been experiencing many of these aspects but did not want to push the envelope of the discussion since, well, it's not my blog. But thanks. I was rock hard early on as I read this out loud to my partner as I was clad only in my fundoshi; my around the house uniform.

The photos are provocative and well, very sexy and stimulating. In short, this entry made me fully engorged, throbbing, wet and ready.

Wearing a fundoshi has done something wonderful for me apart from the many other great benefits of wearing one. It has awakened my inner beast and reminded me that as a male, once shelter, food and water are satisfied, the next responsibility is the transfer of my seed.

Another thing this column reminds me of is that sex is about communication, not political correctness. It's not something to put on a calendar. Its raw intimacy and personal pleasure, giving knowing one will receive but for the male of any species, it's about that most intimate of communications, the penetration of his partner and the pleasurable ride to orgasm, the reward for insemination.

I have talked to a friend who is also a fundoshi convert who says he too feels more sexually relevant, more virile, a "sex beast" kept for his bedroom services, wearing nothing but a revealing yet tasteful loincloth around the house, housing his male equipment and letting arousal speak for itself. He reports a 100% increase in his sex life. I have also experienced a dramatic increase not just in the quantity of sex but of the quality of each animalistic, growling encounter.

Whether I am untied or just slide the pouch to the side, it's all good. The process of being untied is in and of itself, foreplay but sometimes, sex in a fundoshi is the way it has to be. Feeling the twisted fabric against my anus is very stimulating as it gives my butt something to grab as I thrust and it's a great handle to be pulled on.

Your column had me hard in the first paragraph as I read aloud. The photos were visually stimulating and by the end, it was clear that this day would begin differently. Snap, Crackle and Pop were traded this morning for the groans of pleasure, my penis free to penetrate, the tight twists still gripping me as my partner and I became one again, heaving our bodies in rhythm until with an unmistakable male groan, my DNA was transferred, hearts pounding, eyes glinting, seed flowing.

I rearranged myself in my fundoshi and got dressed for work, my most basic function as a male complete, again and for now, until the next time. Thanks for opening up this discussion in such an erotic and beautiful manner and thanks for helping this day get off to such a beautiful start. Per the last line, I only came once in my fundoshi but it's early in the day yet.

Fundoshi 4 All! said...

John, so glad my column was so stimulating to your, er "column!" Sounds like your partner benefited too!

Tim said...

I've never viewed the fundoshi as a fetish garment, although I completely understand why some might, and respect their preference, but, I must say, it is definitely one of the most 'sexually compatible' I've encountered, so it definitely gets a 'thumbs up' from me :)

"When a naked man is chasing a woman through an alley with a butcher-knife and a hard-on, I figure he isn't out collecting for the Red Cross..." - Harry Callahan

John said...

The Fundoshi has transformed multiple areas of my life in very positive ways. I had no idea my sex life would benefit. I love Tim's comment about the Fundoshi being "sexually compatible". That's a great (and accurate) phrase. :)

Anonymous said...

well done sir for finally really acknowelding the sexual aspect of these glorious pieces of fabric. Like a jockstrap, a fundoshi is designed to tastefully hide the penis and balls but actually draws attention to them. I am nearly always erect when I wear mine.

Fundoshi 4 All! said...

I was thinking, why be coy? Like anything, really, fundoshi can be utilitarian, or it can be indulgent. It can be ceremonial, or it can be fetish. The lines get really blurry -- if I enjoy wearing fundoshi, then I suppose I like everything from the pleasure tingles to the supportiveness; from the coverage to the skimpyness. From the history to the potential for new narratives to be written.

John said...

Good point - why be coy? I keep thinking about the headline "Obvious erections and what to do with them". Why not celebrate this very basic part of who and what we are as males? The need for sex is hardwired into our DNA. It's more basic than the too-scientific "need to reproduce". That follows on its own. We're programmed for sex and part of that is an erection. It's beautiful, totally natural and why try to pretend it never happens? We should celebrate this truly beautiful ability we have which signals all that we are ready for sex. There is nothing more male and more masculine than the fundoshi so one cradling and supporting an erect penis is totally natural, totally eye-catching and totally male.

Achilles said...

Oh please do post more photos of this nature....a great celebration of fundoshi and cock. Glorious.

Anonymous said...

"It has awakened my inner beast?"

*roll eyes* - some of your need a reality check.

Guess what? I used a 2 ply tissue and my inner beast awakened.

When I use 4 ply I become a god.

It is a piece of cloth - you hardly even lost 1 calorie tying it on. Did you perform some real feat? Nothing except getting rock hard from your own delusional fantasies.

Ryan Rokushaku said...

Just being a simple piece of cloth is what I think makes the fundoshi so potent. Like so many other things, it's what you do with it rather than what it is. That certainly applies to fetishes, but I think in a broader way it's what makes things like the sun beautiful and mystical to some people and a cancer-causing burning orb to others. To many more people, it's simply the sun; it rises and sets and has always been there. You could wear a fundoshi like a scarf, and it would essentially be a scarf. You could wear a scarf like a fundoshi, same thing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I disagree. The sun may have significance because of cultural / historical / geo-political / religious / personal reasons.

For someone like John, it is NOTHING BUT A FETISH/FANTASY.

If you speak of it as that, I am fine. If you try to pass it off as a reality then you can shove the fundoshi up your ass.