17 October 2010

You Can Never Have Too Many Videos!

If you wear fundoshi regularly, you've probably got tying it on down. If you enjoy looking at people in fundoshi but are struggling with the wearing side of things, nothing helps quite as much as videos. Here are a few that I've found especially helpful in showing others how to tie their fundoshi:

The music in this next one is a bit goofy, it's obviously from some sort of variety show, but it does demonstrate how to wear both etcchu and rokushaku styles of fundoshi:

This one circulated the web quite a bit when it came out -- there's also a version of him tying another fundoshi on right over the top of the one he ties on in this video:

Once again, not too sure about the choice of music in this one, but it gets the point across:

This next one doesn't show the tying method all that well, but it's still fun to watch (and obviously a clean excerpt from a porn)

...And finally, I think you'd have to be dead to not have seen the "Fundoshi Project" videos, this is number 4 I believe:


Francisco said...

Very good video, but will be off topic ... I love this one video;


Fundoshi 4 All! said...

Good taiko video! That could be an entire post of its own!

Francisco said...

I'm glad you like :-)
Greetings, Fran

Francisco said...



rgnsac said...

Really enjoyed the videos, including those Franciso shared. Some of those men on 'Preparation for naked festival' seem to tie the fundoshi really tight! I noticed some of the men squatted down when the fundoshi was tightened. Many times my fundoshi seems fine when I put it on until I sit or bend. It makes sense to me that squatting would help to prevent tying the fundoshi too tight (I guess eventually one learns exactly how to tie it perfectly every time).

Fundoshi 4 All! said...

I feel like for many of the ceremonial uses of fundoshi, tightness is valued. But for daily wear, it's not that necessary. That said, if it's too loose it just feels bulky. So it's very true that you have to experiment until you find just the right tightness. Everyone's body is different, and we all have unique sensitivities. I think that stretchier fabrics can be tied a little tighter; stronger, less stretchy/less breathable fabrics feel better when you leave just a little looseness when you tie on the fundoshi.

Anonymous said...

Please repost this! It was wonderful.