20 September 2010

Keep the Fundoshi Under Wraps?

Just throwing out an idea for discussion: should Fundoshi 4 All be an adults-only blog? I try to keep it clean because what I really want out of the blog is an informative resource for fundoshi-wearers and the fundoshi-curious. When it comes right down to it though, is that really the audience that reads it? Even if I produce it for doe-eyed innocents, Japanophiles, fans of draped clothing, DIY-ers, and/or cosplayers... the great majority of photography that involves the fundoshi is sexual or homoerotic in nature.

If you read this blog, it would be great to hear your input on this subject!

While we ponder, here are some photos:


Anonymous said...

I very much enjoy this site, and would enjoy seeing it come "unwrapped" as the homoerotic appeal is very strong. But, if you want to keep your underage audience "pure", why not set up a subscription feature for those who want it their goods unwrapped, or even a second site, marked as adults only?

rgnsac said...

I too have really enjoyed your blog since finding it a couple of months ago. Its been interesting learning fundoshi history, learning how to wear fundoshi, and viewing the great photos. Becoming adult only would not necessarily change this aspect of the blog, it would just allow the discussion to go in a more sexual and erotic direction. Which I think could be quite interesting to explore.

Fundoshi 4 All! said...

Well that seems to be the consensus. I think the mildly erotic content can stay -- I just always wanted this to be a more educational/informational stop on the information superhighway, rather than just another drop in the internet's erotic ocean.

I think it's probably hard for Westerners to consider the fundoshi as anything BUT erotic. As a cultural Japanese emblem, it isn't necessarily. But as a Westerner, I can't access their cultural tradition with anything resembling first-hand understanding.

rgnsac said...

I do hope you continue including educational/informational content in the blog along with the mildly erotic as I am interested in both aspects.

Although a traditional cultural garment, it is quite sexy as well. Akin to feelings towards bikini and thong swimsuits. I've always thought it interesting people's view of leather jeans vs denim jeans. Same fit, different material, yet leather jeans are viewed quite differently.

Anonymous said...

This is a very beautiful site and should NOT become an adults-only site. It is suited for everybody. Period.

Fundoshi 4 All! said...

Well, thank you! I've come to agree with you. I think it's the nature of fundoshi that sensuality and masculine beauty need to be acknowledged in any discussion of undergarments/loincloths. It seems like the Western mind has more difficulty with this than the Eastern mind. I think the key is talking about living, working, relaxing, and playing in fundoshi -- there are plenty of other sites where eroticism and titillation are the main goals.

Thanks for the compliment!

AL said...

Keep the site the way it is. Information and awareness about alternative covering for comfort should be open to all. I would love to have neighbors over for a fundoshi pool party.

Fundoshi 4 All! said...

As it turns out, I compromised and made a basic page for fundoshi neophytes at http://fundoshiphile.blogspot.com

It has links to this site with a suggested age. I discovered the fundoshi when I was 14, but didn't start wearing it till I was 20 or so. I think that is probably pretty normal for fundoshi-fans, and having the main site be 18+ allows for discussions to be free and open and a wider range of pictures to be posted.

I agree with you, but the internet and the morality police tend to err on the side of prudishness. I used to get hassled by MySpace all the time when there was a Fundoshi 4 All MySpace page, and that was over pretty tame photos -- a lot tamer than the would-be model/starlets who'd shove their asses into the camera lens.

Fundoshi is unfamiliar to a lot of people, and therefore they approach it with suspicion -- I'm hoping to change that. But it looks like there is going to be one site where people are expected to behave like adults (here) and one where comments, etc. aren't allowed (FundoshiPhile) for the casually curious and/or the novice.

Not a perfect solution, but it'll have to do for now, while we spread the gospel of fundoshi!