25 November 2014

Fundoshi Gatherings

As the number of people interested in fundoshi swells, the geography between us shrinks. Who knows how many fundoshi-wearers there are in a square kilometer? Or in your city or province?

The possibilities of meet-ups and parties is always a fun one to contemplate. Whether it be two individuals meeting up to hang out, or a gathering of fundoshi-clad revelers, there's no end to the possibilities! I thought it might be fun to write out some fundoshi-specific etiquette for such occasions:

1. Always carry a spare fundoshi.

2. Bring a new fundoshi to share. If everyone brings an extra, a fun exchange can happen and everyone can go home with a new fundoshi! Maybe a unique pattern or a fabric you particularly like? Make sure to get lots of pictures and send them to Fundoshi4All!

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18 November 2014

Meet the Readers: Svadisthana

We last saw Dean in these pages in April and since then he's been pretty busy! Besides a life schedule that widely incorporates fundoshi into his yoga and spiritual practices, he's started up five inter-related blogs under the Svadisthana title that explore different facets of sensuality – from gently poetic eroticism to unfettered raw sexiness!

And here they are!!

Svadisthana portrays the journey of the soul/self (the spirituality) within the body which in turns travels through space and time (nature). The journey is winding and always changeable (ego/mood).  The link is fundoshi, which takes on the form of a deity (a familiar icon) that can be perceived with the senses in a way of actuating the link between spirituality and nature.

Svadisthana II draws attention to the fetishes (specific likes) of the false ego, in this case the look of the male body in male underwear, sports and formal clothing in various states of undress. The mood is both provocative and narcissic.

Svadisthana III focusses on the false ego's identity as more subtle than the gross body and this is reflected in the subtle use of partial or full nudity.

Svadisthana IV portrays the false ego's identity as a MALE human being in it's purest form revealing the potency of lingam, and signifying the natural means of creation. 

Svadisthana V portrays an intimate visual reference of the male human body's erotic nature.

04 November 2014

Fundoshi Provocateur #2

I thought you might like these provocative fundoshi pix!

Also, for the time being the Fundoshi4All tumblr is disabled. I will figure out what is causing it distress and get right back to posting there and on twitter. Sorry for the inconvenience.


28 October 2014

Fundoshi Grab-Bag!

Some random favorites from my recent fundoshi photo-gathering expeditions:

Some of these are from traditional festivals, some are not. Some are even kind of sweet, some are more masculine or erotic.

21 October 2014

Comfy No. 2

Here are some more pictures of fundoshi-wearers in various states of repose: relaxing, playing, working, or aroused.

14 October 2014

Comfy No. 1

We've explored the erotic potential of fundoshi with tight binding and ropes for the last few weeks, but this ingenious garment is also adept at relaxation!

Worn by itself or with other clothing, fundoshi is infinitely adjustable to either gently cradle you, or -- if you're feeling fierce -- tighten and focus your life energy for sports and play. It pairs well with reds, whites, beer, tea, or a glass of water. It's great for a nature hike or a night club. This not-quite-nude state of dress somehow ups the ante on situations where nakedness or underwear might seem overly casual or sexualized. And yet, if the situation calls for sexy, it's hard to beat! It gives your lover something to do with their hands. It pushes back when you grow hard, allowing for a sweet kinky release when their fumbling fingers finally loose you. You can hang out with friends in a fundoshi, and it's also good for alone time. Carry a delicate sensuous charge with you everywhere you go, wrapped and coiled in soft cool cloth, in secret or out and proud.