28 April 2015

Fundoshi on Instagram

Instagram is a fun photo-sharing service that is integrated with lots of social media platforms. Search for "fundoshi" on Instagram and you'll get hundreds of hits. I picked out a handful of interesting shots to share here, but visit Instagram and do some looking around, you'll find these photos, many more by these Instagram users of all facets of their lives, and thousands of beautiful and artistic and candid and funny pics of all different subjects.

31 March 2015

Return Of The Langot

Visually, India's langot loincloth is a cousin of the rokushaku fundoshi, but the similarity mostly ends there. The ties that secure the langot around the wasit make it more similar to the relaxed fit of the etchu fundoshi. As we'll see, the langot is a robust garment designed with athleticism in mind:

24 March 2015


Yesterday was the day that Blogger had initially planned to censor adult blogs, but user backlash caused them to reverse their plan! Gratitude goes out to anyone who weighed in on Blogger's proposed policy change, and to all the other adult blogs that make the internet such an interesting place! In celebration, here are a few screen caps I found recently of two fundoshi-clad young men enjoying each other.