15 July 2014

Guest Post, by John!

"I have had an interest in Asia for some time.  I’ve been to several countries in south east Asia but not to Japan, so far.  I was reasonably familiar with the Indian langot and knew about fundoshi and etchu from movies and books about Japan and the second World War.  The prisoners, mostly British and Australian, who worked on the Burma railway wore etchu (so did the Japanese soldiers).  There were plenty of pictures in books.

I have a 31 inch waist and generally prefer to wear brief undies.  I was shown how to tie a fundoshi years ago but had forgotten until I was reminded by your own web site.  Your tip about shredding material gave me the idea about getting some muslin.  It worked really well and was very cheap.  I then decided to try the red and the grey shiny materials.  They also are very cheap, about EUR 2.00 per metre.  I think they are nylon of some sort, definitely synthetic.  Several other colours are available.  I know you say silk would not work but I think it might.  I’d like to try it, but silk is fairly expensive and I haven’t tried it yet.  I was looking at a fabric that has some lycra in it also and will probably get it some time."

17 June 2014

Stella Polaris

Here's an amazing specimen of slender muscle tucked into a fundoshi, whose tumblr I follow! You should too!  He goes by Joe-099 and the tumblr is called "Stella Polaris."

10 June 2014

Ritual And Release

Here's another collection of festival and sensual scenes. I love the contrast between the two, how context can change a near-naked body from an object of traditional reverence into an object of primordial lust. These things are deeply wired in us. On an instinctual level, we need both sexuality and ritual.