23 August 2016

Meet The Readers: Lan and SG Neo, Part 2

This week I'd like to feature more reader submissions. I hope these two excellent photo sets will trigger a wave of new entries of readers wearing their fundoshi!

First this week is Lan, who has shared these images of his sensuous body tucked into various white and patterned fundoshi. He and I have developed a friendship over the last several months across a great distance, united by our love of fundoshi. I think it's easy to see his sexiness in these images, but I'd like to add that what's inside his body is just as appealing. There's several more images of Lan after the page break!

16 August 2016

Meet The Readers: SG Neo and Euphoria

I'm sure everyone knows this already, but I love receiving reader submissions and seeing who is out there wearing and enjoying fundoshi. I've been getting some excellent photos from friends scattered across the web and the world, and I'm excited to share two of them with you this week.

19 July 2016

Eighteen Fundoshi Visions

This is Fundoshi4 All's 400th post. Thank you everyone for the support and wonderful contributions over the last six-and-a-half years! I'm looking forward to even more. Coming up, I'd like to do a post about first-time fundoshi wearing experiences. If you have a story or pictures to share, get in touch!