24 May 2016

Meet The Readers: Nenja and Bruno Part 2

Everyone knows my favorite posts are reader submissions! Last week we got a great batch of photos from Bruno. This week we have a brand new batch of photos from Nenja, in blue this time and showing off some impressive tackle... and we have a second set of photos from Bruno, this time of a more rawly explicit sort!

Let's start with these great images from Nenja:

You can see an earlier set of pictures from him here. Read on to see his newest set after the break!

17 May 2016

Meet The Readers: Bruno

Once more, I am proud to present a fantastic reader submission from France! Bruno recently began wearing fundoshi and langota, and quickly integrated it into his other sensual and fetish practices. While his English is not fluent, neither is my French! We both worked at it and were able to communicate, and the results are stunning!

"I discover fundoshi by your profile on fetlife and after by your blog. I like fundoshi with a knot on the back for put a rope it is one I prefer. since I know fundoshi I just wear it or langota too sometime. 
I like do shibari or kinbaku it is exicting. I like drink china tea. I like be in my little garden. 
I give you some picture with new fundoshi i do myself you can put on your blog."

I am honored to just that! Enjoy a wealth of sensuous images after the break!