12 May 2015

Spring Tightening

The image above is one I consider a fundoshi classic. In years of blogging about fundoshi, and telling the story mainly with pictures, this one comes up again and again. Sometimes, the model even has a mustache airbrushed over his upper lip! Below are a bunch more recent favorites!

05 May 2015

May Dose

Nothing pairs with the advent of hotter weather quite like a fundoshi.

It hugs and reveals the curves and crevices of your body, accentuating a pubic mound here, delineating the round curve of a buttock there. The twists of light breathable cloth wick away moisture, and offer solid support without tightness.

Moisture, whether it's water or perspiration, causes the weave of the fabric to swell up just a bit (you'll notice this if you ever swim in a fundoshi), actually increasing the friction of the twists and knots and holding the loincloth in place even more securely.

As cool air passes over the dampened cotton or sarashi, it cools the contents of the fundoshi and takes advantage of the open weave to circulate around the equipment.

I wear fundoshi all year round, but I especially look forward to the sunny summer months when I can sneak in some sunning in my fundoshi, which leaves the best tan lines in the world.

28 April 2015

Fundoshi on Instagram

Instagram is a fun photo-sharing service that is integrated with lots of social media platforms. Search for "fundoshi" on Instagram and you'll get hundreds of hits. I picked out a handful of interesting shots to share here, but visit Instagram and do some looking around, you'll find these photos, many more by these Instagram users of all facets of their lives, and thousands of beautiful and artistic and candid and funny pics of all different subjects.