11 August 2015

Catching Up With Svadisthana and Felix d'Eon!

One of my true pleasures is meeting other people who take to the fundoshi like a fish to water. I've developed long-distance friendships with a few other fundoshi-wearers over the last few years and one of the most rewarding trans-oceanic correspondences has been with Svadisthana, who has helped me with things as diverse as back pain and artistic inspiration.

Here are a few images taken from just one of the posts on his blog. There is much, much more to see there as he explores fundoshi, underwear, langots, cultural heritage, spiritual and sexual expression. Always illuminating, erotic, and stretching the creative bounds of fundoshi imagery!

04 August 2015

Meet The Readers: Nenja

Some of my favorite images to post are reader submissions, and the latest proves to be quite educational! Pictured on the hips of Nenja  (念者) are two separate fundoshi: first a 6.5 inch (16.5 cm) wide stripe of cotton gauze. In the next set of pictures, he wears a ribbon of the same fabric about 4.5 inches wide (11.4 cm), just barely containing him. Then containment is breached with spectacular results!

Not only are these great pictures, but they illustrate what varying the width of your fundoshi achieves. Who would like to help select which of his pictures should go on the Reader Gallery page?

28 July 2015

21 July 2015

Fundoshi Fantasia

Last week I ruminated for a sentence or two about the distinction between art and erotic art. This week I wonder, does it matter? All the best artists just say "keep making great art." If you don't call it art, if you call it sexual expression or if you do it just for the enjoyment rather than to put it in a frame, then so be it.

It's been a while since I've posted some of the great artwork featuring fundoshi that crowds these internet tubes. In some of these pieces, the intent is obviously sensual, in others it's harder to tell... but let's not kid. Like any image is a dance between artist and viewer, so are these.

14 July 2015

Is Erotica Art?

Many people seem to want some sort of line between art and eroticism. They are concerned with whether an image is meant to titillate or not. I've always tried to blur that line, and the following collection is my idea of raw sensual images that I feel fill both roles: art and the erotic.