21 October 2014

Comfy No. 2

Here are some more pictures of fundoshi-wearers in various states of repose: relaxing, playing, working, or aroused.

14 October 2014

Comfy No. 1

We've explored the erotic potential of fundoshi with tight binding and ropes for the last few weeks, but this ingenious garment is also adept at relaxation!

Worn by itself or with other clothing, fundoshi is infinitely adjustable to either gently cradle you, or -- if you're feeling fierce -- tighten and focus your life energy for sports and play. It pairs well with reds, whites, beer, tea, or a glass of water. It's great for a nature hike or a night club. This not-quite-nude state of dress somehow ups the ante on situations where nakedness or underwear might seem overly casual or sexualized. And yet, if the situation calls for sexy, it's hard to beat! It gives your lover something to do with their hands. It pushes back when you grow hard, allowing for a sweet kinky release when their fumbling fingers finally loose you. You can hang out with friends in a fundoshi, and it's also good for alone time. Carry a delicate sensuous charge with you everywhere you go, wrapped and coiled in soft cool cloth, in secret or out and proud.

07 October 2014

Fundoshi Bondage Part 3 of 3

The kinbaku-themed posts on this site have received the most +1s, gotten the most comments and re-posts,  and often gather two or three times the number of site hits as an average Fundoshi 4 All post! What is it about erotic bondage that flips the switch of fundoshi enthusiasts and non-fundoshi enthusiasts alike? Wikipedia is pretty informative on the history of Japanese Rope Bondage, but skirts around any sort of analysis. I think it may be as simple as the desire to be conquered, or "won," to be a prisoner at the whims of your (hopefully benevolent) captor, but also to embrace the elements of faith, danger, trust, pain, empathy, experiment, and submission. To surrender control, sexually, but within the agreed upon boundaries of a traditional and ritualized art form.

This is the third (and last, for now anyway) installment of Komatsu Komatsu's amazing photo collection. I am in awe of many of these, eager to learn, and very thankful for the ability to share them with you. I hope you've enjoyed this aesthetically as well as sensually!

03 October 2014

Please Practice Good Internet Etiquette, Be Considerate Of Your Fellow Readers

I didn't want to have to write this post. At one time, it was difficult to find a lot of information or pictures about fundoshi on the internet. But the interest has grown, and with it the information and images available have expanded quite a bit. Where I used to just find the same few images and pages over and over when I searched for fundoshi-related stuff on the net, now I often find dozens of new things every day. I use this blog as a clearinghouse for all of that information; to share the exciting stuff I find that relates to fundoshi wearing. Sometimes it's a simple re-post, sometimes it's exclusive content that I've asked if I can post here. Other times it's images whose source is unknown so they are here under the idea of creative commons.

A couple times, I've been told no. That's OK.

The idea is that this blog is a resource, as well as just something to look at and entertain. And, it's a community. I've built friendships and relationships with readers and other fundoshi wearers and bloggers all over the world. I keep up e-mail correspondence with several of you. It humbles me when someone says they've been inspired to wear fundoshi or start a blog of their own. I pass the credit for that back to some of the scattered few blogs that were here before Fundoshi 4 All was.

I also feel protective of the readers who have submitted photos, stories, interviews and other content for me to post here. You didn't have to say yes, but you did and I take that as an honor. It is not to be treated cheaply.

Which is why I dread writing these next few sentences.

I do not mind if some of the photos get reposted somewhere else: on your own blog, on tumblr, on facebook, whatever. The internet is a giant sorter of things, the way content sifts through filters and searches and aggregators to get to interested parties all over the globe is amazing. But I do mind if you just repost a big percentage of my content somewhere else and take the credit for it. As any blogger can tell you, a lot of work goes into these things. If you're not asking me, "hey, can I repost your content?" and if you're not providing links to where you got the content, you're being ungracious and you're essentially taking credit for work you didn't do.

Also, when I've asked someone if I can post their private photos, for me to then see them just show up uncredited somewhere else is disrespectful to that person. It makes me feel I have done those contributors a disservice, even though I asked and got permission, by putting their content out there for someone else to just take without asking.
From an etiquette standpoint, it is incredibly bad form to do something like re-post 50%+ of someone else's blog somewhere else and not credit it. It's an even worse breach of propriety to take things that I carefully got permission to share here. It's like carving your name on a tree just because you have a knife. You may really like some of these photos, but those are real people inside each fundoshi.

I think it's great that others are interested in fundoshi. In fact, that was my primary goal in starting this blog: to find others who shared my interest and to get new people involved in wearing fundoshi. I do this partly as a community service and partly because it can be lonely to be the only fundoshi-wearer you know. In the last several years, I've come to not feel so alone at all! That's great.

It's not so great when a third party tramples all over the relationships you've carefully formed and treats the hours and hours you put into creating your blog, finding new things to share, and keeping it interesting as if those are just trifles for their own glorification.

1. Ask. Understand that sometimes, permission is not mine to give so be prepared to hear "no." Where possible, I will put you in touch with the person who can grant you permission to use their photos.

2. Post a couple example photos and say "see more (or read more) here:" then provide a link. Don't just post dozens of photos that someone else took or that someone else gathered. And certainly not if you haven't asked.

At the moment, I don't want to name any names, but this has been bugging me. Please change your behavior.

30 September 2014

Fundoshi Bondage Part 2 of 3

In the spirit of giving the people what they want, here is the second part of a three parter devoted to the amazing bondage photography collected by Komatsu Komatsu. Sizzling hot and clearly exciting to the engorged and perspiring recipient, bondage photography also gives the you and I voyeurs a perfect opportunity to let his or her eye wander all over the subject; caressing the delicate areas, flicking the erogenous zones with mental fingertips or tongues, penetrating at will (at least visually) the splayed-out yet willing submissive. The fundoshi itself is a clever series of twists and simple knots, a sort of "soft bondage," as French freelance journalist Camille Oger once observed.

23 September 2014

Fundoshi Bondage Part 1 of 3

Some of the most popular posts ever here have involved kinbaku, the art of erotic binding. For the next few posts, I'd like to feature some astonishing beautiful photos compiled by facebook friend Komatsu Komatsu. These fundoshi-clad submissives are captured in various states of sweet agony and tense arousal, giving delayed gratification new meaning and urgency!

16 September 2014

More Fundoshi Fliers and Adverts

 It's been a while since I've posted about Fundoshi Night fliers. There are bars like Zakoza and the Fundoshi Bar that host fundoshi nights: leave your clothes in a locker and tie on a fundoshi for a night of drinks, food, and socializing! Some of these clubs maintain this dress code 24-7, all year round. For others this is a weekly or monthly event. There are other night clubs where a fundoshi is the required staff uniform.

Here's something I wish would find it's way to the Western Hemisphere!

Of course, we could start our own fundoshi nights, in our living rooms or at rentals, at camp sites or resorts. Hmmm. We should do that! Get to know other fundoshi-wearers who live near you, and initiate the curious into the joys of the fundoshi.

I've also included a couple photos of people frolicking in fundoshi clubs, and some commercial advertising photographs from websites that sell fundoshis to round this post out.  They can be surprisingly spicy! Hope you enjoy it!

(Several of these fliers were found by ShyC. Thank you! I really appreciate these kinds of finds! Several others are from the fundoshi nights organized by Fundoshitaro. If anyone else comes across fundoshi night fliers -- or if you make your own -- I'd love to see them.)