10 January 2017

Reader Submissions; JC and more ShyC!

It's with great pleasure that I present 2017's first reader submissions! We're featuring some black-and-whites from JC, a reader I've been getting to know over the last year or so. His background is in art and textiles, and he's turned his skills to creating fundoshi and other traditional loincloths. He sent me some pictures modelling his handmade creations. These reminded me that even though a person wears a fundoshi (or langot, as the case may be), the fundoshi wears the person too. He has perfect body hair and a lean well-knit frame that showcases his fabric creations in an exquisite manner. It quickens my pulse every time!

After JC's photo set, we'll see some more from the exquisite ShyC.

[ ...I also went back to last week's "Best of 2016" entry, which was posted in a rush, and added names to the photo sets. I'm in the process of adding tags to every reader submission so it's easier to navigate and see all of each reader's submissions. ]

OK, enough boring editorializing, let's get to the pictures! First, here is JC wearing etchū fundoshi:

03 January 2017

Best of 2016 Reader Submissions

[ UPDATE: I improved this entry, which was initially posted in bit of a rush, by adding all the reader's names to the photo sets -- an essential detail. I'm in the process of adding tags to every reader submission so it's easier to navigate and see all of each reader's submissions. ]

 Hello 2017! I hope everyone had a nice New Year celebration. I'm excited to bring you lots more fundoshi content this year. One of the things I'm especially keen to do is publish even more original content created by readers, such as the outstanding reader submissions I received in 2016 and previous years. You can see the full posts by clicking that link.

Below is a collection of submissions from last year that give a taste of the variety represented by F4A!'s readership:

27 December 2016

Reader Submissions: ShyC and Samuel

Fundoshi4All! probably wouldn't have been around this long without an amazing support network of fundoshi enthusiasts from all over the globe. A long time ago when this was just a fledgling blog and I wasn't sure if I would be able to find others interested in fundoshi, a few people stepped forward and shared their experiences and stories, along with original content they had created. ShyC has been along on this journey with me for several years now. Like me, he makes a lot of his own fundoshi. He also creates original undergarments and fetish gear out of re-purposed fabric and other items. A creative, kinky mind sits on his sexy shoulders!

I'm pleased to share a trove of images he sent me earlier this month! Included with the fundoshi pictures are a couple of his handmade creations. The last image is a dark blue langot he made. I think everyone knows how fascinated I am with langots! Following ShyC's photos are some spectacular images of another reader, Samuel.

This is also the last scheduled post for 2016. I hope everyone will have a wonderful new year! I look forward to sharing more with you in 2017.

29 November 2016

Natural Elements, Part 2

Fundoshi is frequently described as "rustic," as anything still in use after more than a millenium would be; yet it also remains uniquely modern. As hemlines rise and fall, as fashions gets looser or tighter, as social convention imparts or removes body-shame from individuals interacting in public spaces... fundoshi has stayed the same! It's no antique. But a fundoshi-clad body in natural surroundings can still appear as if it is plucked out of time. Timeless, even serene, sensual, utilitarian and complete. In the evolution of apparel, Fundoshi is the equivalent of the wheel: something once invented that has stayed simple and perfect ever since.