19 July 2016

Eighteen Fundoshi Visions

This is Fundoshi4 All's 400th post. Thank you everyone for the support and wonderful contributions over the last six-and-a-half years! I'm looking forward to even more. Coming up, I'd like to do a post about first-time fundoshi wearing experiences. If you have a story or pictures to share, get in touch!

05 July 2016

Fundoshi On Parade

A site I check frequently for fundoshi photographs of real men is http://dankai.suki.st/multi-board1/multi-board.cgi  Not every picture in this post is from there, but many of them are. Most are selfies, the site is a message board for "fundoshi daddies," presumably to facilitate dating or fundoshi play. This is one of the sites that really makes me wish I could read and write Japanese!

21 June 2016

Fundoshi On YouTube

This week I've assembled a collection of fundoshi videos. Seeing the fundoshi in action, especially being tied on, not only helps if you're refining your own technique, it is also uniquely thrilling and gently sensuous all on its own! 1) First off, an enthusiastic vlogger gets a fundoshi tied on!

Seven more videos after the break!