22 April 2014

Profane Part 2

For more amazing photographs from R, check out his flickr! Here we focus on mouth wateringly erotic pictures with shadows, water, and a fundoshi that is often half-off.

08 April 2014

Profane Part 1

This is an especially rewarding new set of submissions from Peter! First in a 2-part series highlighting the erotic charge of the fundoshi. A parallel series will inquire into the inspired or sacred potential of the very same ribbon of cloth!

01 April 2014

Fundoshi Navy Boy

One of the greatest things about meeting other fundoshi lovers is the connections that are made, all across the globe. Fundoshi Navy Boy is one of the best! Here's just a small sample of him in his natural environment, for your enjoyment.

25 March 2014

The Sea Change

Lately I've been getting inspired to do something more creative by the proliferation of amazing fundoshi-based sites like Fundoshi Fabric And Photos.  It's so great to search for "fundoshi" and get dozens of new images every week, when just a few years ago it was challenging for me to find even Japanese-language sites.

My own interest in fundoshi has grown past where I ever imagined, and in a sort of positive loop it has moved me to attempt something more focused and creative than an occasional fundoshi-selfie.

Alan over at Fundoshi Fabric And Photos might say he got inspired, in part, by what's here. But things may have traveled full circle and I've found more and more inspiration in his blog, in the artistry he's using to dye fabrics and in his attention to lighting and poses to model his creations. I find it poetic that these are sensual expressions rather than purely documentary or purely puerile.

Some of the other fundoshi blogs out there that are really, really great: Fundoshitaro, whose fundoshi-themed photobooks have been amazing me since I first saw them, or Rokushakudorei, who's slightly kinkier S-and-M blog is never less than stunning, visually.  Or Brian Li, whose "life style" blog focuses on his development of his body, which already looks smashing in a fundoshi and keeps getting better.  Or ShyC who can make even an old sock or some newspapers into something alluring.

These are personal artistic expressions, and I'm hoping I'll find my own voice among this. With the tumblr a clearinghouse for a lot of the pictures I also re-post here, I've been squirming around in my fundoshi eager for some kind of artistic outlet, something new to bring to the table...

18 March 2014

Fundoshi Festival - Photos by Markinjpn

Markinjpn has a fantastic collection of fundoshi photos from firelit, nighttime festivals in Japan. Here are a baker's dozen of his newest, and you can find more if you click on his name! It's a privilege to share these with you.

11 March 2014

Sleeping Dragon!

For all the years that I've been interested in fundoshi, Sleeping Dragon has been a source of inspiration and an amazing fountain of intoxicating fundoshi pictures.  Besides fundoshi, he's interested in a wide range of BDSM and is an excellent erotic storyteller.  I want to feature a few of my favorite photos of his in gratitude.

Thank you, for all the imaginative and magnetically sexy pictures, stories, and other contributions you make!