25 April 2017

Who is Fundoshibu?

We here at Fundoshi4All! aren't the only ones excited about fundoshi! There are many others scattered across the globe who are interested in promoting the wearing and enjoyment of fundoshi. A new leading light is Fundoshibu.

Fundoshibu Ltd. is a young company located in Tokyo. They focus on etchū style fundoshi, the simple comfy traditional Japanese style secured to the waist by ties, pulled forward through the gap between the wearer's legs, and allowed to hang in front of the crotch like a short apron. 

Etchū fundoshi are lightweight and extremely comfortable, an excellent alternative to elasticized Western underwear. We've called etchū fundoshi the "boxers" to rokushaku fundoshi's "briefs," though of course that is an awkward comparison.

From their website (translated from Japanese):

"We redefine the "loincloth" that the Japanese loved for a long time and send it to the world as a completely new concept of wear that we would like to acquire even in modern times."

"But what I really want to tell is not the 'loincloth' itself, but if you are with a loincloth you will be more exciting and like to be alive."

What makes Fundoshibu stand out is their sense of fun as a company. Scattered across their blog, their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, you can see the sculptural young men (and lovely female companions) of Fundoshibu doing everything from hosting parties, picking up trash on the streets, posing with strangers, glass blowing, or even playing with kittens. It's obvious they are having a great time!

I recommend befriending and following Fundoshibu so you can enjoy the fun, too!If you'd like to wear etchū fundoshi, the Fundoshibu online store is stocked with unique original designs (including fundoshi with a handy pocket for your smart phone!) and other items like t-shirts and smart phone cases.

"Let's get started, life with a loincloth. And, it is real like you."

"Everyone express freely, aiming at a world without uniformity."

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