14 February 2017

Happy Fundoshi Day!

February 14th is officially Fundoshi Day! Fundoshi Day began in 2012. It was created by the Japan Fundoshi Association, whose mission is "to propagate the use of fundoshi and save it from extinction." They have set a goal of “120 million fundoshists (people using fundoshi) by 2022.”

That's a goal I definitely support! This post contains artwork by a variety of artists celebrating Fundoshi Day.

February 14 was selected because of a pun on a reading of the date 2/14 in Japanese. February 14 is also Valentines Day, and a day in Japan for giving chocolate to loved ones. I see no problem with integrating the two holidays and spending time with loved ones (or lovers) while wearing fundoshi!

Of course I don't ;) It looks like a lot of these artists made the connection as well. So call up a special friend and put fundoshi on each other.

Happy Fundoshi Day!  -- Ry

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Alejandra Alt said...

Creo tener algo parecido para usar en este día.
Que suerte o no feliz fundoshi