18 October 2016

The Mawashi: Sumo

A widely-seen variation on the fundoshi is the thicker, layered wrestling belt wrapped around the hips of Sumo wrestlers, which alternately goes by the names mawashi or shimekomi. The mawashi also sees much use during festivals, in a slimmer version than the 6-layered one worn by rikishi (professional sumo wrestlers). I'm planning some future posts of various Japanese traditional events and activities that display this other version.

I found the linked blog post here very helpful in understanding the mawashi, with directions for tying it as well as an explanation of the various parts.


Louis Lamonte said...

Thank you for this series of pictures! I find Mawashi extremely masculine and erotic!!! I wrestle and I would like to start wearing the Mawashi! Do you know where I can find them, perhaps an online shop?! I also study traditional Japanese martial arts. I hope to connect with other gay men that also study the Budo arts. Your pictures never fail to give me raging boners. Thank you!

Ryan Rokushaku said...

Hi Louis, I tried a search for Mawashi for sale and came up with a few things that might be of interest to you. Thank you for the compliments on the blog! I'm so glad you are enjoying it and I hope you continue to :)