09 February 2016

Fundoshi Group Fun


Joshua Beta Cihuaoquichtzin said...

W o W

Those guys got dressed in fundoshi... In public!!!...xD
Even they are having fun together with no problem!!!...xD
I'd love to get dressed and have fun that way...xD

Norrick Knott said...

The top photo reminds me of the experience I had at a fundoshi bar when I lived in Tokyo!

Ryan Rokushaku said...

I would enjoy hearing more about that, Norrick!

Norrick Knott said...

Thanks, Ryan.
It was when I was in my twenties. There were some fundoshi bars in Shinjuku 2-chome, the most famous gay district in Japan, and there were some others in Ueno/Asakusa. I loved (andlove) mature and virile men, and I had heard that they gathered in the latter area, so I decided to visit one in Asakusa.
I had worn fundoshi in private before, and I had my own, but at that time, I neither brought it with me there nor wore it, because I wanted to rent one from the bar.
I got there half an hour after the bar opened. There were two bartenders and a few customers, who were almost naked! Though that was exactly what I had expected, when I actually saw hot men in fundoshi with my eyes in person, I felt my heart start to beat so fast that I could hardly breathe.
Many of fundoshi bars rent out or sell fundoshi. I asked a bartender to bring me a rental fundoshi. It had been washed and was clean, but the thought that someone had worn it aroused me.
He asked me, "Do you want me to help you put it on? ", but I wanted the men to know that I knew how to put on fundoshi, so I put it on by myself. Thinking back on it now, maybe I should have let him help me... It would be a great pleasure. But still, It was exciting to be seen to put off all my clothes and put on fundoshi.
That day was a weekday, and the bar wasn't filled to capacity, but customers kept coming and going one after another all the night long.
The mature guys there seemed into other mature guys, but they were all friendly to me. It was incredibly nice to sit next to men in fundoshi on the couch.
A man who last came in looked interested in me. He was a 40ish, well-built man. We talked about fundoshi, festival etc. Asakusa is famous for its festival, Sanja Matsuri, in which men in fundoshi carry divine palanquins on their shoulders. They proudly show off their manliness. He was one of that kind of man.
While we were talking, his hand sometimes touched my knees, and it was put on my thigh a few times. We were the last customers left. He said: "You can touch my fundoshi." I had been staring at his crotch. I touched it. I felt his hard-on through his loincloth. The fundoshi he was wearing was his own, and he said he had been wearing it the whole day long. "Can I smell it?" I asked him timidly. "Sure! Go ahead" I knelt down between his thighs. Ah! it smelled so manly! And then, I kissed his rod through the cloth. The bartenders hid themselves behind and below the counter to leave us alone. We enjoyed rubbing each other's bulges through fundoshi. We enjoyed both with and without fundoshi. After both cumming on my belly, he wiped off the cum with his fundoshi.
The bartenders told me, after his going home, that this seldom happened.
I heard that obscenity has been more strictly regulated in Tokyo for a few years. This kind of things might never happen now.

Ryan Rokushaku said...

Thank you for sharing that! It made my pulse quicken, too!