10 November 2015

Fundoshi Weekly Update

Reader Gallery Updates! -- Just a quick note to say I'll be going through the reader gallery this winter and updating some of the photos. If you have any recent fundoshi photos of yourself you'd like to have posted in the gallery, please drop me a note: contact

I can also freshen up the links or add new ones if you have a site, blog, tumblr etc. you'd like to share with our fellow readers! It's always good to hear from you.

There are a ton of great fundoshi sites popping up these days I'm happy to report. Some are fetish oriented (well, most are in fact) and some are not. I'd like to share one I've been enjoying that is consistently creative and erotic, Werewolf In A Moonlight Night:


Here are two sample images that only hint at the amazing fundoshi/bondage and male chastity imagery that fills this tumblr! Very NSFW. Tons of uncensored male nudity and a fair amount of semen. So many fundoshi!

I sit in amazement of this blog. It is daring and yet maintains a beautiful dark atmosphere and oozes a sense of sexy danger.

At the moment, I'm simply an admirer. I would enjoy making contact and arranging a full feature post here on F4A!

From time to time I want to share a link to these brother and sister sites. They are where most of my inspiration comes from, so it is only proper, but it's also my joy to link other fundoshi enthusiasts together.

Check the sidebar called "More Fundoshi-Themed Blogs" (for most of you that will be to the left of this text) for some other exceptional sites. I'll be adding to that menu as I find other sites with a fundoshi focus to try to make a navigational one-stop, for my own personal convenience as well as yours!

This is also a good time to put in any requests or suggestions for Fundoshi 4 All!, either in the comments or via the contact form.

Okay, let's get down to business with a steaming platter piled high with fresh fundoshi photos!

I thought it might be nice to focus on the simple white fundoshi this week, the primary color of fundoshi. The fundoshi highlights and displays the man, rather than vice versa and the photograph follows suit.

(The rest of the photos are not from the site described above, go to that site to see more!)

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