30 June 2015

State Of The Fundoshi

What would people like to see from this site? Personally I really like the community aspect. I've met some really superb people by way of this website. 

It's been a while since we've done a reader feature. Would someone like to submit some new pictures? The thrill of seeing new fundoshi images is twinned with the honor of debuting the new material for the fundoshi appreciators of the world.

Brian Li? Are you reading this post? Maybe you could snap a few for us? ;)

Where and how? Contact info is here.

There are many other ways to get involved and share ideas or experiences. I'd like to explore that aspect in the coming months. How can this website get better?

Let's start things off with this ingenious design for a comfy jock made out of a simple athletic sock. This was thought up by ShyC, a longtime reader and long-distance friend. This is a cozy, sexy, sporty look and a clever way to upcycle. It's one of many DIY designs he's done, and I love it.

So I'm excited to learn what people would like from the Fundoshi4All site. Who has ideas? Try to keep things simple because I am just one man. I appreciate all 900 or so of you that visit from all over the world each day!

After the break is a selection of images to peruse while you think it over!


Anonymous said...

Functional not bad, but I personally use old bedsheets, torn to length and then
either one long strip for a real fundoshi or two strips, one narrow for the string, the other wide so it can be folded in three into a narrow strip and hung on the string front and back between the legs.

Good use for a bedsheet that isn't used anymore. Very soft cotton or flannel is best.

Put on right, a great comfy alternative when time to laundering your regular undies comes or for that extra padded surprise for your significant to run a hand on

mahasikhari said...

Sheer genius! In a world where resources are becoming scarcer, this is a great way to introduce another aspect of fundoshi - sustainability.