10 February 2015

Fundoshi Day is February 14th!

February 14th has served as Fundoshi Day for the last several years, something that few hear about outside of Japan. Serving double duty as Valentines Day, this date conjures more sweet sticky sugarplums than Christmas ever could. Of course, Fundoshi Day is a little more undercover than Valentines Day. Or is it?

Here are my suggestions for February 14th:

1. Wear a bright red fundoshi. Or pink, if you'd rather. Any color as long as it's bright. If you choose white, make sure it is gleaming.
2. Make or purchase a second fundoshi and give it to someone you think is cute.
3. See if they'd like to have a hot cocoa, with marshmallows. Ask if they'd like it spiked.
4. Let the fundoshi do the rest!

Hope you have a great Fundoshi Day!!! Oh, and also, Happy Valentines Day.

(Many of these artists' work appears on the wonderful pixiv.net).

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