20 January 2015

Fundoshi: Greeting The Day





Anonymous said...

True story. Had my regular underpants all of them in the wash, and then had to go out before they were finished in the dryer. So thought fundoshi, and figures a regular one wouldn't work as it would show through the cotton pants. So I fashioned a moko fundoshi with folded sheet and string and put the two on so it looked like a moko fundoshi. It was very comfy (almost spurted cum into it the sensation something). So went to this business function with dress pants, and so on. Not even visible but could fee the very soft cloth. Got home and got the underpants out of the dryer. Still have the moko fundoshi on underneath my pants.

Ryan Rokushaku said...

Sounds nice! Mokko and etchu fundoshi both are whisper-light and virtually disappear beneath pants. I wear rokushaku fundoshi pretty regularly under casual pants and even jeans. With a belt, the rolled waistband is hardly visible to others. The knot in the back is the clincher -- keep that small and flat to the skin and you've got something.

Anonymous said...

The kaupina is another option, like a combination of the rokushaku and the etchu, but with no sewing.

Tie a cord or narrow strip of material around your hips. Use a bow or slip knot.

Drape a piece of material about 32" long over the cord at the front. Make the the drape closest to you shorter, it will just about cover your junk. The longer front part of the drape is then pulled between your legs, and up the back, as for a rokushaku. Pull the end over the waist cord at the back, then down and give a few turns around the material between your cheeks. If you can tie a rokushaku it will be easy.

This is very secure (widely used for extreme yoga poses), as the two front layers hold themselves in place, holds your junk firm (or as firm as you make it), but is vanishing under other clothing. Not so many knots in the laundry, either!

I wear rokushaku often, and kaupina too. I like the kaupina on its own, very comfortable around the house (and outside too), very lightweight, but more secure than mock or etchu. And very comfortable under other clothes, with minimal waistband.

Ryan Rokushaku said...

Nice! I've seen them, but this is a great simple description.