16 September 2014

More Fundoshi Fliers and Adverts

 It's been a while since I've posted about Fundoshi Night fliers. There are bars like Zakoza and the Fundoshi Bar that host fundoshi nights: leave your clothes in a locker and tie on a fundoshi for a night of drinks, food, and socializing! Some of these clubs maintain this dress code 24-7, all year round. For others this is a weekly or monthly event. There are other night clubs where a fundoshi is the required staff uniform.

Here's something I wish would find it's way to the Western Hemisphere!

Of course, we could start our own fundoshi nights, in our living rooms or at rentals, at camp sites or resorts. Hmmm. We should do that! Get to know other fundoshi-wearers who live near you, and initiate the curious into the joys of the fundoshi.

I've also included a couple photos of people frolicking in fundoshi clubs, and some commercial advertising photographs from websites that sell fundoshis to round this post out.  They can be surprisingly spicy! Hope you enjoy it!

(Several of these fliers were found by ShyC. Thank you! I really appreciate these kinds of finds! Several others are from the fundoshi nights organized by Fundoshitaro. If anyone else comes across fundoshi night fliers -- or if you make your own -- I'd love to see them.)






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