03 June 2014

Splashes Of Color

One of the best parts of this year so far has been connecting with fundoshi-lovers around the world, through this site and through the new-ish Ryan Rokushaku profile on facebook.

Here's a glimpse of the spectrum this has opened up for me, and all the delicacies on parade that such online introductions provide! A truly beautiful, delicious, intoxicant array of fundoshi'd packages and muscled glutes.

I hope you enjoy it, and I hope everyone continues to share such amazing fundoshi experiences and photos!

Anyone can feel free to contact me via the link above/to the right if you have photos of yourself or of a fundoshi'd friend you'd like to add to this parade! I think this is the first time I've broached the conraction "fundoshi'd." Is that OK, or does it seem disrespectful? I know in many languages smooshing things together is how new words get made, but not in all languages. I'm perfectly fine with never saying it again, but, on the other hand, if this is a way to welcome the word "fundoshi" into English, rather than revert to calling it "traditional Japanese loincloth" or however it would be described to an unfamiliar English-speaker under present circumstances. It just seems long and awkward, when a graceful word already exists!

I have to admit, I'm at a real disadvantage because of geography. I only know the tiniest bit of spoken Japanese, and none of the written language. I know people who've visited and lived in Japan, but I've yet to travel there. Something I have to save up for! It's been especially wonderful to communicate with other people, even in imperfect translations, about the sensuous experience of wearing the fundoshi. And so good to share my own experiences, enjoyment, and photos! I'm excited for the rest of 2014, and inspired to get tied up in some cloth.

Full of gratitude,


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