13 May 2014

Vintage Finds From Bon Magazine!

I believe the photographers name is Kuroh Haga, who published a magazine/photobook in the early to mid seventies called Bon.

Aren't these absolutely amazing, and sexy? Raw and oozing masculine essence, the kind of masculine essence I would like to feel hotly splashing on my chest and stomach....mmmmmmm!

I would be ecstatic to find more photos of this vintage and quality featuring fundoshi-clad men with sturdy, naturally athletic bodies. If you find more stuff like this I'd be so excited to see it!

I believe these scans were made by Richard Hawkins, who has written extensively on one of the other gay photographic greats of Japan, Tamotsu Yato.


Anonymous said...

oh mt god , i love this magazine !! by fnb

Anonymous said...

Excellent pictures!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photographs!!! Some of these are very erotic!!!