15 April 2014

Sacred Part 1

"All too often, spirituality and exposure of the human body are at opposite ends of a spectrum.

This wasn't always the way, but it seems the further we get from our spiritual selves, the more we cover up. Then we stop thinking of the body as a beautifully designed conveyance to carry us through our journey and instead see it as a shallow object of sense gratification to be exploited and nothing else. The beauty of the body, whether male or female,  actually lies in the soul that inhabits it.

Somewhere along the way, we realise deep down that we are on the wrong path. We've forgotten why this is so, so we try to create artificial means to discourage our illusionary lust (the artificial means are collectively known as prudishness). This is perverted and hypocritical.

It's time we all woke up.

I hope that you live in an area where there is easy access to nature.

Please use these times for connection in your own way. Take time to maintain and work your body, and listen to what it tells you very carefully.

Like any high performance vehicle, quality of fuel is important.

I think that you are more spiritual than you realise. If you can appreciate moments in a natural setting then that is your starting point. That is how mankind found he/she was a breed apart from other animals. " -- Dean



I'd like to thank him for kind permission to share these with you. These images are copywritten and all rights are reserved. Please do not share these images without his prior permission.


ShyC said...

Great to see the last few postings with fundoshi enthusiast's making contributions. Thanks to all for sharing and thanks Ryan for your effort in constantly up keeping the blog.

Ryan Rokushaku said...

Due to a formatting slip up, the text for this was black on black! It's fixed now... and so much easier to read.