28 January 2014

Oldies But Goodies

Here's a dip back into the well of fundoshi pictures, some favorites I've posted before that I think make a nice set overall.  Hope you agree!


Anonymous said...

Some truly amazing pictures! Some very beautiful men, very erotic! Enough to give me a really raging boner!!

Ryan Rokushaku said...

I'm doing some updates and housekeeping on the blog, please excuse any glitches while I'm tidying up -- hope to have some new reader photos posted in the "You" section soon, and a few other things to make Fundoshi 4 All a better site!

Shy C said...

Thanks for the many years of great blog on fundoshi. The joy of making them for me is to see how I had changed over the years. Can't imagine my ass to be that perky and tan back than...lol
Gong Xi Fa Cai (Mandarin) Gong xi means "congratulations" and is also a way to wish one joy. Fa cai is to become rich or make money. In essence, Wishing one joy and prosperity in the new year.

Ryan Rokushaku said...

Thank you for sharing this interest with me! I've really appreciated your contributions. Let's have lots of fundoshi fun this year!