27 August 2013

Wow! Hot Letter!

I received a really hot e-mail from Fundoshi 4 All! reader RLJackson, and he said I could share it with everyone. RLJackson's erotic experience is just one of the possible benefits of wearing fundoshi, and it's great that he turned his friend on to fundoshi too! Sounds like he turned him on in some other ways also. Thanks RLJackson, and I hope you have lots more fun with your new friend!

Read this amazing story after the jump!

I made a new friend! Like lots of good things this started at the pool. I thought this guy might be checking me out and when he complimented me on the fit of a pair of briefs I changed into I was sure. We struck up a conversation about underwear and pretty soon I mentioned fundoshi. He seemed really interested, his cheeks even got a little red. His name is Ryan too, and he has light brown hair and bright green eyes. He had lots of questions, not to mention a hard on in his short shorts so I invited him to stop by my place sometime for a beer, and I’d show him how to put on a fundoshi.

The next afternoon he called me up and I said come on over. When he arrived we skipped the beer and I had him take his clothes off. I did too, down to a white fundoshi I had on under my jeans. I tied a black fundoshi on him, getting really close to him and pressing up against him. Ryan is in some really nice shape, fantastic abs and shoulders and a nice heavy package, which I got to hold through the fabric while I tied him up in his first ever fundoshi! He got hard in my hand and I asked him if he’d like to fool around a little. He said yes but I could tell he was a little nervous about it so I let him lead the way.

He wanted to jack off on me, and I laid back on my bed, showing him how to slide the fundoshi over to the side. Got a great view of him stroking his cock, and he was really turned on. I just kind of laid there bright eyed and squirmed around a little and complimented him on his balls, which are seriously huge. I reached up and touched them some while he was stroking it. He seemed to like that a lot. I touched his chest a little too. Then he started squirting semen all over the place. I have seriously never seen a guy unload like that in person! I got it on my neck, my biceps, my stomach, and insides of my legs. He landed a big splash right on my fundoshi. Have you ever been in the rain when the drops are really big? It felt like that hitting my skin. Super hot. I really wish I had it on camera. What could I do, I did the only polite thing, I sat up and started licking the drips off his cock and it never stopped twitching the whole time.

He did the same for me, licking his own cum off my cheeks and down my chest. He licked up the insides of my thighs and I asked him to suck on me. I slid my really sticky fundoshi over and he took my hard cock into his mouth. He did long slow sucks but fluttered his tongue the whole time and it felt great! Pretty soon his mouth got filled with my semen too. He fell next to me on the bed and after a short cuddly nap we showered off together. The shower was pretty fun too. It was such an awesome afternoon. I really wanted to ask him to stay over but he still seemed a little shy so after we got dressed I gave him a kiss and said stop by any time. I gave him the black fundoshi to keep and I can’t wait to run in to this guy at the gym or the pool again next week. I might give him a call tonight and see if he wants a drink. Its only been a day but I know I want a drink of him!

Thanks so much for this site, I get so turned on every time I surf by. I might have never had this happen if it wasn’t for Fundoshi 4 All. Keep it up!

Does anyone else have any stories about fundoshi-wearing to share? Don't feel like they have to be erotic, though, wow, that one leaves me breathless.  And RLJackson, you keep it up too!


RLJ384 said...

Thank you for posting this. When he was jizzing all over me we both started laughing, it was just so much! I wouldn’t say we’re dating but we’ve seen more of eachother. Our game is whoever wears the black fundoshi gets to make the first move, like chess. We also just play around in underwear and naked.

Korugane said...

Nice story RLJ384. Its hard to find someone here that has a taste for fundoshi.

Anonymous said...

OMG Ronnie! I can't believe you dished about our first hook-up! You loose-lipped slut! It was really fun tho, I'd never worn fundoshis and the part between my ass cheeks really turned me on intensely! Prob why all the man juice.