09 July 2013


ふんどしになったりしています。 is a phrase I stumbled on by accident, translating into "become the fundoshi."  I think I shall!

I don't know the literal translation but I suspect it is something along the lines of "tighten your fundoshi for action!" In other words, roll up your sleeves and get to work! Be in touch with yourself. Dress yourself consciously, with what you want your fate to be in mind the whole time.  Keep your mind on your goals. Be flexible and listen. Be willing to move and change. Be lithe, supple, and sturdy.

Become the fundoshi!



Alan Prufrock said...

I really liked this grouping....a little bit of everything and every way to enjoy wearing (or not) a fundoshi!

Ryan Rokushaku said...

Thanks Alan! Alan is the newest addition to our reader gallery, and he has a new fundoshi-themed blog at http://fundoshialan.blogspot.com

Check it out for more fundoshi culture, style, and ideas!

shyc said...

hi Alan, welcome to the fundoshi world.
Great job in your blog, as mention in my comments there, you can seriously consider selling off your self-made fundoshi to those interested after you are done with your photo shoot.

Thanks Ryan for introducing Alan blog. indeed an eye opener. Always great to see new ideas with the limited infos on fundoshi around the world.