14 January 2013

From The Fundoshi 4 All Archives!

I discovered an old trove of fundoshi pictures from the earlier days of Fundoshi 4 All, and thought I'd repost a handful.  Some of them may even be posted for the first time -- but there could be some familiar fundoshis here for you long-time readers.  My apologies for any redundancy, but I think each of these photos displays something great about wearing and enjoying the fundoshi!

I think I've been wearing fundoshi for about 12 years now.  It's been great to meet people along the way who are just discovering fundoshi, or who have been wearing them longer than me.  The exchange of ideas is great.

Thank you so much for your continued support and contributions to this site!  And please let me know if you have any questions, comments, stories, or experiences you're willing to share with our fellow fundoshi-enthusiasts!







1 comment:

John said...

Great photos! Wow, 12 years is cool. I'ma newbie at just two years but I'm not looking back. I love the feeling, the freedom, the confidence I have in myself and the daily disciplines that go with wearing a fundoshi.

I have also learned that by tying so that I'm "pointing up", I have all along been promoting my own fertility by letting the gauze fabric keep me cooler down there. I didn't know about that until we got serious about starting a family.