20 January 2013

Fantastic Fundoshi Art from DemonKiss!

These sweeping, sensuous drawings are by an artist working under the moniker "DemonKiss."  I was blown away by them, even by the one where the two characters recline in kimonos, smoking opium I think, with fundoshi only hinted at.  Breathtaking!

Sometimes art really works on a physical, sensual level, as this artwork from the DemonKiss manga does.  One of the things that really succeeds, for me, is that I can actually feel the fundoshi in each image!  Whether it's the knotted thong passing between my buttocks, cradling my perineum's mound, and basketing my cock and balls -- or whether I'm projected into the other character and can feel the cool fabric of my partner's loincloth, thick with it's contents, pressing against my naked upper thigh.  Either way, the sensitive linework and coloring captured by this artist is massively successful!  Even in the image where the characters are smoking opium and the fundoshis are barely hinted at, the erotic charge is so present and so potent... well, you can guess at what it inspires me to do!  Am I that predictable?

I gotta be honest -- most of these made me quite tingly!  The voluptuous line work goes straight for your cortex and trails its fingers over your nerves; I can feel what these characters are feeling.

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John said...

These drawings stir a lot inside me too and cause me to reflect on my own sexual growth. Sometimes it is great to be the sex slave and other times the master. These also have me playing participant as well as voyeur, alternately. I have to wonder if the next to last is a post-coital rest. We in the west take sex way too seriously. It's a basic need and there are many ways to satisfy it.