15 December 2012

Fundoshi For The Holidays

 Wrapping things up seems to be in the air around this time of year, and while most of it consists of gift wrap and ribbons, I recommend wrapping yourself up in a fundoshi and giving yourself to someone!  Or letting them practice their wrapping skills on you.  It needn't be snowflake fabric or anything like that -- feel free to wear whatever color or pattern you'd like.

Fundoshi 4 All has been an active site just a little over two years!  During that time we've met lots of new friends and fellow fundoshi-enthusiasts, and traveled through all sorts of clean, questionable, naughty, and downright dirty aspects of fundoshi culture.  If you're at a loss for what to give anyone this year -- even if it's just for a stocking stuffer -- consider giving the gift of fundoshi.  Truly a gift that keeps on giving.  It's a simple and affordable thing to make even if you don't have a crafty bone in your body... just pick up three yards of a thin, soft fabric from the fabric store and tear it lengthwise into strips that are about a foot wide.  Done!  These fundoshis could be included with other presents, rolled up and tied with string for party favors, or even be the wrapping themself!  If you don't celebrate the holidays, it can just be a thoughtful inexpensive "thinking of you (in a snug loincloth!)" token, or just a gift you give yourself.  For 20 bucks or so you can outfit yourself with a whole new fundoshi wardrobe.

I know I've recommended it before, here's a great fabric to make a fundoshi from:  http://www.fabric.com/creativity-headquarters-free-pattern-downloads-tropicana-maxi-skirt-pattern-gauze-fabric-island-breeze-gauze-fabric.aspx

If the recipient needs some pointers on how to tie a fundoshi, you could show them how!  Or point them to the clean, safe tutorial at fundoshiphile.blogspot.com.  While you're at it, share the FundoshiPhile site with your friends, contacts, followers on twitter, or facebook friends.  Everyone enjoys learning about fundoshi!

Thank you, everyone, for making this site so much fun and for being fearless fundoshi wearers/warriors!  It's great to get to know you, and see you wrapped up tight in your fundoshi.

And now, pictures!




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John said...

This really is a great gift idea for women as well as men, but especially men. There is something liberating and empowering about tying on a fundoshi and strutting one's body proudly. Hey, we're not all underwear models but who cares? The fun starts when a friend can't figure it out and you can say, "Come on over!" Then you can demonstrate or assist and get some special time with a friend in a perfectly legit and appropriate way.

My fundoshi holiday party is tonight and I'm giving out red, green and white fundoshis. The fire will be warm and everyone has to change. What better way is there to get 25 guys naked in the living room? The weather is awful, cold and wet but we'll be warm with our Japanese food and sake, a good fire, a good movie and just tossing American social restrictions and getting close with each other.