26 September 2012

Unwrap Before Eating

Good things come wrapped in nice packages... nice packages come wrapped in fundoshi!  Whatever motivated ancient males to bind up their life force in hammocks of cloth (probably protecting the goods from scratches and sunburns), the loincloth has been along for the ride with mankind since the very beginning.  The fundoshi is one of the best expressions of this ancient garment, and while commercial underwear has largely displaced loincloths and fundoshi, we here at this site still understand the innate pull of a body wrapped in a simple length of cloth.

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John said...

More great pix!!! Being wrapped in a fundoshi just makes my sense of masculinity bounce off the charts. My genitalia is restrained and put on display at the same time, comfortably but in a sexy way too. Being unwrapped is great fun since by that time you pretty much know what's going to happen next.