06 September 2012

Fundoshi Diaries #4: Keep On Pluggin'

I got a package in the mail today!

I came home to sun-etched tree branch shadows on my porch thrown across a small brown cardboard box.  I carried it inside and up my stairs, setting it on the nightstand while I slipped out of my jeans and soft gray boxer-briefs.  They're the Hanes kind with the covered waistband, they come as box-cut trunks and are super-comfy.  Some days I'm a fundoshi guy, some days a Hanes guy!

I laid a navy blue towel on the bed and got out of my shirt, laying down on my left side on the bed and propping myself up on one elbow to open up my box.  Inside there were two smaller boxes.  One contained an anal enema kit and the other a black silicone butt plug.  I've been really excited for these to arrive!

First things first, I filled the enema bag with some warm distilled water and lubed up the applicator tip, sliding a slippery finger over my hole too to get it ready for inserting the enema, which I then did slowly.  This particular kit has a sort of textured applicator, a series of rounded ridges that I eased each in turn past my sphincter, took a breath and began gently squeezing the warm contents into me, taking it in slowly.  It's a unique sensation, filling your lower intestine up with water, and when I couldn't contain any more, I held it for as long as I could before expelling it in the bathroom.  I did this two more times, once to be good and clean and once just for fun!

Next I opened up the box with the plug in it.  I'm not that anally experienced, so I ordered a medium.  The online reviews said that the sizes ran small, that a large seemed like a medium etc., but this one looks pretty big to me!  I got back on my side on the towel and raised my right knee up to my chest.  I got the plug good and slick.  Then I took a syringe full of the lube, made sure there were no air bubbles in it, and emptied it into my anal cavity by slowly depressing the plunger.  I moved my hips around a little bit -- good and slippery inside.

Now I held the tip of the butt plug against my rectum, just teasing the tightness a little, exhaling and pushing out a little to relax it.  The first little bit of the plug went in nice and easy, but I felt pretty stretched as I got to the widest part, pausing.  Taking my time!  I withdrew the plug a little and gently pushed it back in.  A few more times and I slipped right around the flared bulb of the plug.  It was inside me!  I felt incredibly filled up.  The narrow part near the base of the plug was securely gripped in my nether lips and the wide base rested against the outside of my body. I moved around a little to get used to the sensation.  So full.  The silicone bent and moved with me, but still felt alien.

Alien, and good!

Time for the next step.  Out of a dresser drawer I retrieved a snowy white gauze fundoshi and draped it over my shoulder, letting the feather-light cloth fall over the front of my body, slightly tented over my half-erection.  My balls were sucked tight to my shaft.  I drew the cloth back between my buttocks, over the black base of the plug, and tied on a fundoshi right over the butt plug!  This was feeling incredibly naughty, and the front of my fundoshi was straining.  A little dark spot of prostatic fluid dotted the front where my tip poked at the thin fabric.  I found myself really wishing for one of those blue-spotted mameshibori style fundoshis... oh well, I'll have to repeat this with one of them in the future.  At last, I look a little tan.  At least compared to the glaring white fundoshi.

For a few minutes I just moved around trying different things.  Sitting, standing, kneeling, moving my hips side to side or front to back.  I could feel my arousal throughout my body, almost like a chill.  I ran my fingers lightly over the bulging front of my fundoshi, then over the twisted thong over the butt plug, giving it a little push.  I posed a little in the mirror, twisting around so I could get a good look at my back end.  I had tied the fundoshi good and tight, so that it would hold the butt plug in securely, but the plug seemed to be doing a pretty good job of this by itself.  I think my boner could be described as raging at this point -- hard as mahogany.  There was no one else around, so some masturbating was definitely in order.  I stroked myself some more through the fundoshi, lying back on the bed now with some pillows under my head and shoulders so I could keep a good view.  In the nightstand was a little vibrator -- the prostate massaging kind with a little crook at the bulbed end to find your "P spot" or "male G spot."  Today, though, I just needed its simple vibrations, which I ran over the arc of my erection.  I paused for a while just under the head of my penis, then moved the vibrator around the surface of the fundoshi.  I stopped moving it at various points: just over my perineum where the twists of the fundoshi were massed, shooting vibrations through the entire fundoshi; then at the corners of the pouch where the twisted belt passed over my tummy, with similar results of a milder intensity.

After that, I touched the vibe to the base of the butt plug, through the twists of the thonged back of my fundoshi.  Holy shit, it carried the vibrations deep into me!  Mmmmmmmmmmnnng, I kept that up for a while, slowly circling the vibrator around the plug's base, my free hand lazily stroking my cock through the gauze, which seemed to have grown impossibly tight as my ardor rose through the roof!  I thought about loosening the fundoshi, but I liked the way the thong pushed the butt plug into me slightly and held it there, so I opted to slide the front pouch over and let my dick spring free.  Just about came from doing that!  But I didn't, and I appreciated the new view of my sturdy erection with it's tip glazed by shining dribbles of pre-cum.  I massaged my perineum and kept the vibe against the butt plug.  Wow.  Just, wow.

The feeling that was growing inside of me was a vibration entirely different from the buzz of the vibrator.  I felt like a peach-tinged sunrise was starting in my thighs and spreading upward and outward into the rest of my body -- my stomach, my chest, my arms.  And like I said before, it also felt kind of like a chill.  At last, the wave broke and a thick string of semen leapt out of my cock and splashed all over my stomach.  The pulses kept going, over and over, as my sphincter tried to clench but couldn't because of the presence of the butt plug, so it pulsed continuously around the contoured cylinder of black silicone and my orgasm went on unabated with white fluid dripping in globs and droplets from the quivering curve of my penis.  It was then that it occurred to me that my cumming had been almost -- but not entirely -- hands-free!

At last, I un-cinched the fundoshi and let it loosen, using a little of the end of it to dab the semen off my trembling chest.  The plug was still in place, comfortably but somehow feeling huge.  I hooked my fingers around the base and pulled it gently, then let go and let my anus draw it back in.  I did that a couple times, then exhaled and eased the glistening black bulbous cylinder out of me, laying it on the navy blue towel.  My anus felt a little stretched, truthfully.  But the sensation of pulling the plug out had felt pretty good, too, and my cock was still leaking little drops of cum.  I felt exhilarated and relaxed, warm and chilled all at once, calm but slightly trembling.  Like an apple blossom in a slight breeze.

Even after a quick shower I felt full of wonder and excitement to try it all again.  My ass still felt pretty lubed up, and I'm sure this gave me a little secret flush for the rest of the day, snugly wrapped in a favorite powder-blue fundoshi under a fresh pair of khaki shorts.  My mind is turning over how I can tell my girlfriend that I got a butt plug in the mail, and how I can encourage her to ease it into me and then lick my cock like a soft-serve ice cream cone.


John said...

That's beautiful! More males need to experiment with their own bodies this way and enjoy the additional sensations that some simple, harmless toys can provide. You have experienced orgasm with a plug and now you can look forward to sex with a plug, giving your hole something to grip as you thrust. It's an awesome sensation which adds to the penis stimulation of sex in a very natural way. Having something to grip at the moment of orgasm is great. Having your partner insert the plug into you can be a real bonding moment as well. Just relax and play. There are no rules except for those of mutual enjoyment. Try things you're curious about and don't go places you are not ready to go and just enjoy your own body!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful said and described!