25 August 2012

Fundoshi Art Explosion!

It seems like a pretty safe assumption, from browsing all these fantastic and skillful drawings of men (and quite a few ladies) trussed up in fundoshis -- not to mention the hundreds (thousands?) of photographs published in other posts -- that you and I are not the only ones with a deep-seated interest, even obsession, centered on the fundoshi.  It's mysterious to some, like the fellow on the right above, when we choose neither boxers nor briefs.  We order off the menu, color outside of the lines.

When you see the sheer amount of time and detail -- the folds, the twists -- that each artist has lovingly invested into their drawings, paintings, and animations of the fundoshi; when you observe the careful play of light and shadow, the viewing angle, and the bulges and valleys modeled and rendered lovingly beneath the crisp-looking cloth; it's apparent that the fundoshi preference is more widespread than any of us think!  Certainly there is a prevailing desire to see bodies looped and roped into wide strips of soft cloth pulled taut against the body, certainly there is a sense-imagination even among the uninitiated -- "What does that feel like? How would that cradle my body? Is that arousing to wear? Does that feel as good as it looks?"

Yes it does.  It feels like warm honey trickling down your spine. It feels like being rubbed down with olive oil by cool hands.  It feels like a tongue tracing your inner thigh, your mounded taint, and the little tuck behind your balls.  It tightens lasciviously as you engorge with blood.  It breathes with you, massaging you as you walk.  Very little matches the delicious feel of a lover untwisting it from your body and the light drag of the fabric across your skin as your fundoshi falls away.  Maybe only artists can truly capture this, with the brighter, deeper colors and more dramatic lines they have at their disposal.

Below is a frame from Princess Mononoke, an excellent anime set in feudal Japan that features several brief incidental sightings of fundoshi.  Here, the main character fords a stream with his clothing in a safe, dry bundle on his head, clad only in his white fundoshi.





Shy C said...

amazing collections. Thanks.

John said...

Another batch of fundoshi-tightening art! Thanks! I think artists are tapping into the qualities of a fundoshi I can't put into words adequately. There is something personally expressive, sensual, empowering about wearing one of these that whether I'm wearing shorts on a hot weekend or jeans or business attire, underneath, I am who I am on my own terms, regardless of the uniform of the day. Being untied by a partner is the coolest sensation. It's the ultimate, "I want you" and also an affirmation of sexual relevance as a command to perform, to please, to transfer our seed or to be allowed playtime with a fellow male friend. Being tied to the bed and having my fundoshi removed and then used as a blindfold, then ridden, forced to give up my semen regardless of my own will is not only an affirming thing but it also is a lesson in humility by knowing that I'm not there for my own pleasure alone.

Phillybidesi said...

Some really great fundoshi art is at http://blog.roodo.com/kamehameha

Anonymous said...

Very erotic!!! I love the pictures of the muscular Samurai and bears! This site just keeps getting better and better! Wearing a fundoshi is a huge turn on for me!

Fundoshi 4 All! said...

Me too! I just got some new sky blue gauzy cotton fabric...I'm about to go tear it into strips and wrap on a brand new fundoshi! Nothing else like it.