10 June 2012


A frequent source of beautiful, often titillating fundoshi photography for me has been the blog maintained by Rokusyakudorei, whose sculpted milk-skinned body is expertly wrapped in fundoshi of various colors, not to mention ropes, nipple clamps, dots of candle wax and more!  The blog is all in Japanese, so I'm at a loss as to Rokusyakudorei's words or thoughts, but his pictures are regularly among the most beautiful I stumble across.

It's great to find other blogs about fundoshi, though I often yearn for more in English.  Learning Japanese is certainly an option, and I would value a native Japanese perspective on fundoshi-wearing immeasurably.  On the other hand, it would be great for Westerner fundoshi acolytes if there  were more and more fundoshi sites, blogs, videos, flickr photostreams, etc. in our common tongue.  Hint, hint.

I've heard lots of great ideas sprout from Fundoshi 4 All readers -- skyping, fundoshi parties and gatherings, fundoshi fabric swaps, and more.  I think these ideas are fantastic!  I hesitate to be the initiator of some of these great ideas because I want the credit to stay with you!  Also, I feel like if we all lead, many more people will discover the comfort, versatility, and sensual potential of wearing a fundoshi.  Wouldn't it be great if at some big executive board meeting of Hanes or Fruit-Of-The-Loom, or even Calvin Klein, some cigar-chomper waved his hands and said, "so what's this fundoshi thing I've been hearing all about?"

Lots more Rokusyakudorei after the jump!  He's also the model showcased in my recent Fundoshi Strip Tease post.

I'd like to thank him for kind permission to share these with you. These images are copywritten and all rights are reserved. Please do not share these images without his prior permission.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! Very erotic!!!

John said...

Beautiful photos, as always. I like your comments even more. There is something about a fundoshi which at first feels taboo but after making the mental adjustment to something new, it is liberating. My fundoshi frees me from convention but discreetly packages me, accentuating my masculinity while adding some mystery.

This feeling of personal liberation has led to an opening up of all kinds of things with my partner. We enjoy our bodies and each other's more. We're less tied to the conventions imposed by other people. To some I may be a naked savage in my own house but to me, I'm comfortable and sexy.

Fundoshi has been a gateway to more and better sex games which keep things interesting. I've been collared, my hands tied and forced to serve - and I've loved it. I've found a new area of sex in my head where I get off mentally on serving and delivering pleasure without regard to my own. I leave that to my partner. By seeking to please each other, we have found something new and fun. Being blindfolded and tied to the bed and then used without any control over how and when I climax is powerful stuff. Being brought to the point of begging for release is hot. Being tucked back into my fundoshi after making my delivery and then being released is just fun.

My second Fundoshi Party was great. The weather was hot so we were all outside by the pool and then in it. Of course, we were all wet so the fundoshis had to come off to be washed and dried and that left 16 naked men talking, drinking Japanese beer, enjoying some wonderful ahi sashimi and yeah, there was some touching involved - quite a lot, really. There were erections and then the fundoshi swap and all of us tying them back on in varying states of arousal. Later on, some opted to carry their clothes to their cars and leave in only a fundoshi. At least two of my guests hooked up that night. The group was about evenly divided on cock up or down and we discussed and demonstrated different typing techniques for looks and comfort. Wearing a fundoshi that had been tied around a friend is just hot. Knowing one of mine is cradling the genitalia of another friend is just as hot.

Fundoshi 4 All! said...

That sounds awesome, John! Hope more people are inspired to have fundoshi parties!

chris said...

Just going through all the pics in this collection, yet another hot bunch of superb pictures enough to make you wet ended, I have noted they are all cock uphill. Which, when you come to think of it is right as expansion and arousal can happen with ease and the end poke above the waistband. Drooping down gives a good bulge for sure and does open up the sides for viewing! So I'm an upright guy.
My preference is to have a high waistband and expose as much groin as possible as I find this more erotic both to see and to wear, being bunched, well could wear any old thong!
For many years now I've been swopping underwear, and now fundoshi's, with friends. If we strip of during the evening all the garments go in a pile, when its time to dress its the top one you take - gives the end of the evening a little lift. As John notes there is something very personal about knowing that another guys genitals are resting where yours have rested, his bodily scents mingling with yours - likewise I get roused wearing a friends previously worn garment with maybe a hint of pre cum (once a full load which was awesome) rubbing my cock and balls and ass.