17 May 2012

The View from Down Under!


GearGuyNY said...

It was pictures like these that prompted me to buy some fabric and try a fundoshi myself. Thongs are very hot, but to me, nothing is more alluring than a guy's butt when it's framed by the twisted, knotted cloth of a fundoshi. The way it decorates a nice backside is second to none. As I sit here, I'm back from a run, and stripped to the red fundoshi I wore under my shorts, very much like picture #2 above. I love the feeling and support it provides, and the doubled-over fabric of the pouch keeps the hotel card key safely ensconced over a six-mile run.
Now that the weather has warmed up, I'm spending more and more time in just a fundoshi, and can't wait to see what the tan lines look like. I'm planning on doing some swimming soon in one, and this weekend I'll be making my first trail run in nothing but sneakers, sox, and a fundoshi. Should be fun!

John said...

Good for you. Hiking in a fundoshi has become my new favorite thing to do on weekends. It supports, keeps me dry and comfortable, legally covered and yet gives me full freedom of movement. For swimming I like a poly/blend fabric because it evaporates the water more quickly when I want to get dry. But using cotton gauze for swimming, just pull your penis straight up and you'll feel your equipment cool off nicely.

chris said...

Great pictures all round and hot to see what it looks like down and under. Fascinating how different the straps are but all wonderfully erotic, and I thought I like the tight pulled up look separating my cheeks but picture 2 looks really cool. Thanks John for pointing me in the right direction of penis position, maybe that's whats caused the problems as been bending it down, not an easy task when twisting and wrapping and lobby!
Having been wearing mine for over week now, and getting better and quicker I still have the ejaculation problem to solve, but coping with a damp patch!