09 May 2012

Self-Pleasure and the Fundoshi: An Idea Book

Wearing fundoshi can be stimulating... very stimulating! You may not be able to make it through the day without touching yourself. You may not even be able to make it through getting your fundoshi fully tied on in the first place!

Fundoshi pockets and cradles your shaft and your sack, nuzzles against the perineum (taint) and anus, looks eyeball-melting in the mirror, and involves hands-on involvement when you are putting it on or taking it off. The cool glide of fabric against your sensitive parts means erections happen -- quite frequently! Over the course of a day, when you think of yourself trussed up in fundoshi, you might get stiff. The tight fabric might rub against your glans or the snugness around your balls just might prove too much.

As I sit at the keyboard, undressed except for a white t-shirt and a navy blue fundoshi sitting loosely around my hips, I'm getting tingles. My cock is pulsing lightly. The skin of my shaft is stretching a little, and I am quite seriously considering jacking off.

For me, masturbation is more than just an outcome-oriented activity. I do like cumming as much as the next person, the chills and thrills and tingles and sparks of an orgasm. I like seeing hot semen leap out of my dick and splash all over my hands, my chest and tummy, maybe the mirror, maybe the wall, maybe the floor. I like that. Of course I like that.

But as much as I like that, I like the slow build up to it just as much. The slower, the better: the longer I get to enjoy the ecstatic feelings, and the bigger the payoff when I finally go over the edge and pump slick milky-white cum all over the place. It was a long time before I realized that this was what people were talking about when they mentioned edging.  Going to the edge, then staying there as long as you can.

It was almost immediately after discovering fundoshi that I connected it with self-loving. At first, it was masturbating to especially hot photos or just watching my own fundoshi-clad bod in the mirror. I'd first massage my cock and cup my balls through the fabric, then when my tip popped right out from under the cloth I'd slide the pouch over and furiously finish myself. Films and videos added variety, but after a while (to be honest, a long while) of this simple enjoyment, I realized I was under-utilizing the fundoshi's potential.

There is just so much more you can do with a fundoshi!

I wanted to share some of the ways I've found to use the fundoshi when I'm in the mood to pleasure myself. All of these translate quite well to partner sex, too, either if you're treating a male partner to a fundoshi session or if you're being treated by someone else. Great for foreplay or to spice up group encounters.

1. Simply putting on and taking off the fundoshi, over and over. The loose cloth brushing against a thick erection can be intoxicating, and different parts get pressed, rubbed, tugged, and manipulated as the fundoshi is repeatedly tightened and loosened. This is an excellent first step for foreplay, whether with a partner or just for playing with yourself!

2. An early discovery was that once the fundoshi is off, a small loop can be tied in one end. I would fit this loop over my tackle and position it just behind my balls (right against the perineum). Then I would pull the other 7-plus feet of the fundoshi backwards, through the valley of my ass, and up and over one shoulder. I would hold that end with one hand while I worked my shaft with the other hand. The loop acted like a cock ring, making my erection really hard, while tugging the other end would simultaneously press my perineum and pull my cock slightly downward. This is a good way to stave off orgasms for a while, not to mention to shoot forceful record-breaking long-distance loads. A partner can also use the free end as a leash, tugging and stimulating you while you're inside their mouth or other orifices.

3. When you slide the fabric of the pouch over so you can get at your dick more readily, leave your balls slung inside the cloth. Pull and tug on various parts of the fundoshi (the pouch, the belt, the thong) while you are masturbating. Simple, but very satisfying.

4. If you ever use a vibrator, keep your fundoshi on and tied tightly. Glide the vibrator over your erect shaft, right through the cloth. Tuck the vibrator down into the pouch and just leave it there for a while. Pull it back out and touch it onto the twisted belt part of the fundoshi, right at one corner of the pouch -- you'll be amazed at how the vibrations travel throughout the whole fundoshi! Also touch it to the twist just behind your balls for much the same effect. I love this so much. Try moving the vibrator around the fundoshi to different places -- this was an amazing discovery for me, and I had arranged for my partner to "walk in on me" -- needless to say the results were ultimately explosive.

If you're able to incorporate a butt plug into your fundoshi (maybe one with a wide, flat base so you can easily tie the fundoshi on right over it), you can touch the vibrator to the base of it for a nice, deep, thrilling sensation. Cock rings also work nicely in conjunction with fundoshi, filling out the pouch visually by pushing your balls forward and keeping your penis engorged and sensitized for a vibe to work on, or an oiled hand, or both!

Look at this lucky fellow:

Don't you just want to touch a vibrator to various parts of him, and hear his moans?  Better keep a towel handy, he is definitely going to blow all over the place!

This next method isn't strictly for solo sessions, but you can do it to yourself one-handed too (see #3):

5. If you've found yourself still mostly contained in your fundoshi while a partner fellates you or while you're penetrating them, have them grab onto the belt of the fundoshi with both hands (like someone might use "love handles") and tug lightly up and towards themself. This will give them a lot of control, pulling you into them. And it will feel great to you, too. If you like things a little rougher, have them pull more forcefully. I feel like this works best if your balls are still slung in the fundoshi pouch, even if your shaft has sprung free and pouch is pulled to the side below your belly, where it goes under the belt.

These five methods have added a lot to fundoshi-wearing sessions where my mind has wandered into the gutter, or when I'm horny and just can't resist touching myself but don't necessarily want to shuck my fundoshi just yet.

Writing about this subject has tickled my brainstem a bit. My fundoshi is on really loose right now, barely tied at all really, for comfort since I'm just lounging and typing this column. I don't usually enjoy a beer this early in the day, but I have no commitments so I'm sipping a bottle of Grolsch. I've gotten pretty hard over the course of the last bunch of paragraphs, and my cock growing and shifting against the material of my fundoshi has been a bit distracting. My whole body seems to be humming.

I think I need to sign off for now!


unkljim said...

Great ideas! I love your Blog!

Fundoshi 4 All! said...

Thank you so much! Hope you enjoy trying some of them out!

John said...

Very cool ideas! I have tried a number of these but thanks for putting them into text for everyone to see, think about and enjoy. Since going 100% fundoshi on Jan 1, I have been wearing a cockring quite a bit. I like the way it thrusts my package forward and increases definition. It also just feels good as my brain balances out sex and reality during the day. A fundoshi is also awesome for securing an anal toy such as a glass plug. These feel wonderful because they are so smooth and move with a guy but often produce a sensation that one is about to lose it. A fundoshi is the perfect answer to keep it in place.

As for masturbation itself, it should not be seen as an event which takes X minutes. It's a lifestyle of stimulation which can take hours and does not have to be done in a dark room, naked and ready to emit semen. It can be a touch here and there during the day, a stroke at the urinal in the restroom at work, perhaps a few strokes. Stimulation in a fundoshi often creates increased stimulation or: Once you get going, you keep going. But releasing one's male nectar does not have to be a forgone conclusion. Ramp it up and let it ramp back down. Do this all day and when your partner suggests going to the bedroom you will be ready to deliver the goods. Then again, self pleasure is one of the greatest things on earth so if you feel it, let it flow.

A fundoshi not only looks hot, it IS stimulating. Yeah, I think I may end the day early and finish what my body has been wanting to do all day.

Anonymous said...

Great blog!!! Great ideas!! Very erotic!!!!!!

chris said...

Having entered the erotic world of the fundoshi so many questions have been answered by your excellent blog. I did wonder about the possibility of the twisted back strap keeping a bit plug in place without fear of it coming out (excellent when driving by the way)when shopping! I did wonder about the number of erections I was getting when trying to get it on right (not perfect yet but working on it) along with a series of stains. The idea of a vibrator sounds very interesting even if it did leave a mess. Myself I have a nice little vibrator which clips round the shaft of he penis and had a small vibrating container which hangs down, ideal in a fundoshi. Its controlled by a small battery set with calibrated dials, you have it very low and just have an erotic sensation at all the while or you can increase it to a level where you can reach a climax, so this is going to be fun trying with the fundoshi. I use it when viewing sometimes, makes the evening heightened, or even shopping though not used it in conjunction with a but plug yet its great with a cock ring. Sounds as if my new found joy is about to give me even more!

John said...

Hey Chris. Don't feel embarrassed by erections, precum, the need to get off or anything like this. We are male and it's how our bodies work. These responses are to be enjoyed, so if you get hard, just enjoy the awesomeness of what's going on between your legs and the great sensations that we get just from being hard. If you want to take it a step beyond that, go for it. That's why it's there! We are genetically programmed for sex but we don't have to stop there. We can make it a lot more fun with what we wear, some toys, some games with friends or partners, etc. Just enjoy your own body and have fun!

chris said...

Hi John, yep intend to take things in hand a lot more, and let things work themselves out. I dont mind erections, love to have one, and the pre cum is no problem. First time in a fundoshi and I was amazed at the heightened sexual awareness to my body and how hard I got and so quickly. Plus there was no way it was going to pnt any other way that north!
Frankly I can wait to enjoy all the toys described and enjoy my own sexual fun in a fundoshi, and neither can I wait for the beach - just thing I could be equipped with all sorts of stuff under and n one would know! Oh yes, going to enjoy whats between my legs with as many partners as are willing!

John said...

I guess I just like being tied up. There is something about tying on a fundoshi which is just hot! Since I converted completely to the fundoshi lifestyle, I have been experimenting with bondage in the bedroom as well and it has brought us a lot of fun and enjoyment. Wrist restraints, blindfolds, being teased nearly to orgasm and then being denied, it's all great fun. But what won me over initially was the comfort and practicality of this simple garment. For about a buck, I have something that feels good, doubles as loungewear, is very supportive and looks and feels great. Oh, and it makes being paddled great fun as well. :)

chris said...

John you are entering into the spirit what with a little light bondage. Not got that far yet as enjoying the tying myself up and fighting to keep the wet beast secure in its nest, and sure is a nest as it does hold the tackle without fear of droop. So how does the g'f fit in with all this new found fun, she tried to fit you with a but plug yet, and thats the coolest!

John said...

Chris, the fundoshi has been fun for both of us. She wears one now and then but is very supportive of my choice to wear only fundoshi. She also likes to see me around the house in warm weather wearing nothing else and often picks one out for me in the morning. This has been a new avenue of erotic fun for both of us and yes, I have been fitted with a plug which was absolutely fantastic during sex. It gave me something to grip back there while thrusting. It is an amazing sensation. I have enjoyed giving up some control in the bedroom and she has been enjoying using her initiative. It's all good, lots of fun and I get my mostly bare butt slapped now and then and that's just hot.

chris said...

Sounds really good John, sounds like you have quite a collection of hot fundoshi! Certainly is a great garment for sexual experiment and delighted you've had a butt plug inserted in your manhole. As you are aware the come in varying sizes depending on what you wish to achieve. Personally I like one that fits comfortably inside me so that i am aware of its hard intrusion, feel my body tighten round end enjoy the extra sexual frisson. My fundoshi holds it in well so no fear of it popping out which means driving and shopping are now more erotic and I usually have a semi lob on. If you haven't tried a cock ring I think you should. The rubber ones are great and there are colored ones for "style", I prefer a heavy iron or chrome one, feels extra good and really does a fine job - from there you could progress to any of the number of leather straps. I find that wearing a fundoshi I've become more adventurous, and like you a good spanking has helped me achieve an early orgasm when I have a plug inserted.
Keep up the good work John, love hearing what you get up to, cant wait for you to get carried away and have some guy on guy fundoshi fun.