23 November 2011

Happy "T"-Day, Fundoshi Edition

One of many, many things to be thankful for this year is my continuing appreciation of fundoshi. I am so glad this simple, comfortable, sensual strip of cloth has evolved to being such a joyful part of my daily life. And above that, I'm even more thankful for all the great people I've met through the Fundoshi 4 All! blog; so many people who've said they learned how to tie fundoshi or who just expressed gratitude that there were more people intrigued by this ancient wrapped loincloth. Community is one of the most beautiful things there is, and without each one of you, this exciting community would be poorer.

In celebration of that, here's a series of pictures of the "T"-shaped back of the fundoshi! It's the hardest part for us Westerners to wrap our minds around, both for its challenging knots and twists and for its thong-like appearance. It's a "wedgie" at first, but soon we come to appreciate its light pressure on our perineums, its support and ruggedness if we're swimming or being rambunctious, and its fun possibilities as a "handle."

Enjoy the photos, have a great Thanksgiving, and be blessed in all ways, always.

1 comment:

John said...

My burgundy red gauze fundoshi and I thank you for such a kind, wonderful post and for all of your efforts on this amazing and interesting blog. This site was fundamental in helping me cross over to the world of fundoshi and I am very, very happy and feel sexy, virile and just fun. With the possible exception of Levi's I can't think of any garment that has been so life-changing as the rokushaku fundoshi has been. I got that jump start here. Thanks for the great photos and good wishes and the same right back.

I have noticed in the past few months a lot more "chatter" on the web about fundoshi. I think this community is starting something. This may not be the daily go-to garment for everyone as it is for me, but everyone should give it a try at least for leisure time, swimming, etc.

Best wishes!