19 August 2011

Fundoshi Jr.

FundoshiPhile.blogspot.com is the brand new "novice" fundoshi site I created -- check it out and see what you think!

My thought was that too much information can be overwhelming. First time fundoshi-wearers might prefer "just the facts, ma'am." So FundoshiPhile has a little basic background, a few diagrams and videos, and a small number of pictures. It's not comment-enabled, and it will serve as more of an info page than a blog.

So if a friend or acquaintance expresses interest about fundoshi, FundoshiPhile is the ideal link to give them. If their curiosity extends further, there is a blurb about Fundoshi 4 All! as well.

Can anyone suggest any tweaks?


John said...

It's really cool and gets the basic message across quite well while offering an invitation to come here. It's a good idea to provide two information streams, one of which won't be overwhelming to the newbie.

Tim said...

Fantastic reference site, I can't think of any tweaks to suggest, I'd say that all the bases are covered :)