03 July 2011

Happy Independence Day! Wear Fundoshi to the Beach!!

First of all, Fundoshi 4 All! is now set up to be easily read on your mobile device. Now you can take Fundoshi 4 All! out on the town with you!

So clearly there is no hotter beach wear than a well-tied fundoshi... It's the garb of pearl-divers after all, perfect for swimming -- and the most minimal tan-lines imaginable!

Chances are there will be lots of trips to the beach and poolside festivities this weekend. If you think the audience will be receptive, celebrate with your fundoshi on!

If you're not so sure, you could always wear fundoshi beneath some swim trunks or board shorts, so if folks are just sunning themselves you can shuck your swimsuit and bronze yourself in only your fundoshi. Guaranteed to be a conversation starter.

Pictures, please! (There's a bunch more sunny/sandy fundoshi wearers after the jump!)


John said...

I never even thought of wearing a western "thong" even in private, let alone at the beach but the fundoshi is not that sort of thing at all. it's robust, substantial and very masculine. I will wear something over it to get me down to the beach but once I get there, I think I'll turn some heads. As swimwear, the one thing a guy doesn't have to worry about is it coming off. I'll give it a try!

John said...

My fundoshi beach experience was 100% positive. I got a few looks that were always smiles and the friends I went with to the beach not only had no problems with what I was wearing but asked questions and though it looked "cool"! After a month as a fundoshi wearer, I am so totally comfortable in one that I don't even give it a thought, until yesterday when I decided to wear conventional underwear again. I found that to feel strange and I missed the body-hugging feel of my fundoshi.

Fundoshi 4 All! said...

Excellent! That's cool and very encouraging.