11 June 2011

Reader submissions

One of the most rewarding things about blogging on the subject of fundoshi is the e-mails I get along the lines of "wait -- someone else is into fundoshi too!?" Or even "I always wondered how to do that, thank you!" It's gratifying, reassuring even, to know that people take an active interest; that somewhere, someone is tearing up strips of cloth, or fumbling through their first few attempts to tie a fundoshi. It's comforting, even thrilling, to hear peoples' surprise at how comfortable it is, or how much easier it gets after you've worn one a few times.

But by far the best e-mails to open are reader photograph submissions like these -- taken over the last 25 years by a photographer and fundoshi enthusiast (who asked that he and his models not be identified) who has honored Fundoshi 4 All and our readership by letting us post his photos for the first time, anywhere! Not only do these men wear their fundoshi well, but they are captured in largely natural lighting, in natural and unassuming surroundings, with an intrinsic healthy glow and an atmosphere of comfort and ease. These men look like they feel entirely at home in their fundoshi, and that is just the way things should be.

Thank you for sharing your photography with us, your friends are gorgeous and we'd love to share in more of your work any time you wish!

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