22 May 2011

Low-Res Wrapture!


Anonymous said...

I wore the fundoshi twice at a party with my wife, her sister and her cousin. Other men were also wearing fundoshi. All the fundoshis were like in this page: they did not cover the rear at all. But I was bothered by tingling sensations in the cleft between the buttocks and by constant arousals. There was no way to hide them and it was actually embarrassing because the fundoshi was white and quite transparent. What could I do about this? Any suggestions?

Fundoshi 4 All! said...

I'd say those are pretty natural reactions to wearing fundoshi! The arousal, at least. It does feel different and look different and if you were at a party where there was lots of flesh I think your excitement was pretty understandable. You could try adjusting the snugness of the fundoshi, maybe a touch looser would be more comfortable? I'd say just experiment until it feels right.

If you are wearing fundoshi in public again and are concerned about being visibly aroused, you could tie the fundoshi more like ettchu-style, with a hanging loincloth-style apron in front -- I'm pretty sure that's why that style of loincloth evolved -- and that free-hanging drape should make your bulges less obvious! Hope that is helpful.