26 April 2011

Vintage tattooed post runners

These marvelous hand-colored photos, some of which were taken 120-140 years ago, are drawn from the private collection of Okinawa Soba, who has an amazing photostream on flickr.com composed of thousands of images of 18th-century Japan.

Okinawa Soba, also known as Rob Oeschle, is a photographer and photography historian who also runs a website devoted entirely to the work of one particular photographer, T. Enami.

(this is one of Enami's non-colored photographs)

The hand-coloring of photographs by artists helped to bring out colors that the developing technology of the day either couldn't reproduce, or that faded quickly. There is wide variation in the skill level of the painters -- and in the variations of the photos displayed below, you can see a whole range from subtle to garish.

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