15 August 2010

all-you-can-eat fundoshi!

Any favorite's from this week's batch of fundoshi photos found online?

Any requests for next week's post?

How's it going learning to tie your fundoshi?

How does she like it? How does he like it? How do you like it?

Any interesting tying ideas? What if you festooned your fundoshi with Christmas lights?

Who's seen you in your fundoshi recently?

Was it planned?

If you could pick any one other person to hang out in fundoshi with, who would it be?

Would they be able to keep it on?

Would you be able to keep yours on?

What's the most interesting thing you can imagine smuggling inside your fundoshi?

Would you get caught and frisked? ;)

And how would that turn out for you?

Would they re-tie your fundoshi for you when they were done?

(Done being frisky, that is!)

What's the most unique fabric you can imagine made into a fundoshi?

What color?

What's your favorite sensation when you're tying on your fundoshi? The coolness of the cloth? The circling of your hips? The tightening?

And what's your favorite sensation when taking your fundoshi off? Loosening it? The soft fabric falling away?

Where do you keep your clean fundoshi?

If you could make a fundoshi out of some crazy thing (like a fog fundoshi, or a lightning fundoshi) what would you make it out of?

Who'll be the next person to see you in fundoshi?

How will it all go down?


Anonymous said...

Sunday evening I somehow found a fundoshi video on youtube, did a web search for more info and found your blog. I have really enjoyed reading your insights, instructions, the great photos, watching the how-to videos. You piqued my curiosity so I decided I needed to try wearing a fudoshi. I ripped a 14 inch strip from a queen size flat sheet and attempted to tie it on. It was actually easier to tie than I initially thought it would be. After 2 or 3 tries I seem to have it tied correctly The pouch is really comfortable however the back strap is... unusual. Probably just takes awhile to get accustomed to it or maybe I have it tied too snug? I've only been wearing it a couple of hours tonight and I may try wearing it in the hot tub later. I am noticing some interesting, tingly sensations that I will guess is caused by the way the pouch hugs everything and holds the penis upright instead of pushed down. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of fundoshi. I'm sure this will be my first of many fundoshi wearings (at home anyway)!

Fundoshi 4 All! said...

It's great you were inspired to try it out! I think it is actually lots easier to tie than people build it up to be -- but then I've had lots of practice. It does take a little getting used to the back part -- we're just not accustomed to feeling anything there. Even thong-style underwear has elasticity, whereas fundoshi does not. I think that's where finding the right tightness comes into play. I also found in my early days of wearing fundoshi that just having it on over the course of a few hours or a day, I got used to the feeling and didn't notice it after a while.

The ends (in the finished, tied fundoshi) that are wrapped round-and-round the waistband really hold it snug, even if you tie it a bit looser. If it feels uncomfortable, try a lighter amount of tension. Once you find just the right "sweet spot" of tightness, those tingling feelings become the main focus of wearing, and the comfort issues fade away.

I hope you enjoy fundoshi, and become a life-long wearer! I'm glad you at least gave it a try -- welcome to the world of fundoshi!

rgnsac said...

Thanks for the additional information and tying tips. I have worn fundoshi several evenings over the past week. I also made a fundoshi from an old jersey knit sheet (t-shirt material) to try sleeping in. I find it's VERY comfortable to sleep in!

I am still trying to find that "sweet spot" of tightness you mentioned. The waist and pouch always feel right. I'm getting more accustomed to the back part. But I quickly discovered the tension that feels good when standing and moving about is sometimes not so good when sitting, or is often too tight when bending over or squatting down to pick up something. I have not quite figured out how you cross the ends in your description of tying the fundoshi. I follow one of the other diagrams that ties the first end around the waist and then loops the second up and around the waist. Practice makes perfect and I know I will eventually figure out how to tie it perfectly for me on the first try. For now I will apply your tips and keep working at it. So I guess I'm well on my way to becoming a life-long wearer!

Fundoshi 4 All! said...

that cotton jersey fabric does sound like it would feel fantastic!

I think you are discovering that there are some things fundoshi is just not suited for (think bicycle seat, for example). One thing that really helped me out was finding lighter and lighter weight fabrics to make my fundoshi out of. The less bulky it is, the more comfortable.

Szilvia said...

Oh my god! I think I'm going to get a nosebleed!!!!
I loved the slender guys!!! - that's my type! I just cluelessly search for how you tie it, and find myself in heaven!
Thanks for the great pics!!!