11 June 2010

fundoshi: a study in white

A snugly wrapped white fundoshi continues to be one of our favorite sights here at Fundoshi 4 All! headquarters. Imagining the cool cloth breathing against warm skin, hugging its contents against the wearer's body never ceases to give us a series of fluttering thrills. Linen seems the ideal fabric for the humid summer months, catching up the loins in a tight bundle that lets the slightest breeze circulate against your inner thighs and that "V-groove" the ladies are so fond of.

Short of full nudity, nothing reduces tan lines quite like it -- this summer, frolic in your fundoshi! Try it poolside, or sunning yourself on your roof, or taking a latenight dip in the cool waters of your favorite lake. A hot tub practically begs for fundoshi. Introduce some friends to the pleasure of wearing fundoshi -- what's fun solo is exponentially more fun in a group!

We're interested in any fundoshi-related websites or pictures that you stumble across. Send them our way! You can e-mail us links, jpegs, etc. at ihsodnufraew [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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