25 May 2010

Wearing fundoshi as an amateur

The photos below are a nice sampling of some fundoshi-wearing amateur enthusiasts. Tying on a fundoshi only seems complicated until you try it! In a sense we are all amateurs -- there are no professional fundoshi-wearers outside of maybe taiko drummers. We all have to wind the cloth to match our own comfort standards. We all have to pull it tight to a snugness that feels good, not constrictive. Along the way, we play a bit. We might reveal our fundoshi to a wide-eyed lover. We might go "off the map" and tie it in a unique way (I've discovered a few VERY sexy ways to wear fundoshi that aren't in any of the books or diagrams). We can enjoy fundoshi as a secret or work it into costume fantasies, poolside gatherings, sweaty late-night dance parties, etc. When imagination gets involved, wearing fundoshi becomes so much more than a choice of undergarment!

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