13 March 2013

Fundoshi Daydreams

Sometimes I find a great photo, like the one at right, that only exists on the internet as a tiny thumbnail.  In this case, this is one of several stunning and sexy images by an artist named Saburo, who sells prints of his erotic photography, so no doubt he is protecting his images by keeping them microscopic online.  Still, one can't help but long for an eyeful of the tanned and muscular body, his crisp white fundoshi, and his self-pleasuring hand.

For anyone interested in seeing more of his photography or to purchase it, with the help of Google Translator I was able to see LOTS more fundoshi and S&M-themed work at http://saburo.sarm.net/  All of it tiny, unfortunately, but certainly some great looking stuff.  I'd love to interview him some day about his amazing photography for the legendary G-Men magazine.


John said...

Beautiful! My favorite swimwear, loungewear, underwear and the most masculine thing any guy can wear.

Mike Dolan said...

Terrific images. Thanks to this site I've been wearing fundoshi for almost a year. I absolutely love them, and they never cease to turn me on as it wraps and twists around me. Every movement seems to stroke and tease my smooth skin, making me like them more and more. Sex in them is great, and I enjoy the opportunity to wrap a buddy in one for his first experience.
They've taken their place as sleepwear, swimwear, sun and fun wear, and have supplanted my jockstrap collection for running and workouts. Truly a manly, sexy, versatile, enjoyable, comfortable and economical garment.

John said...

Absolutely, Mike. The versatility of a fundoshi is amazing. It supports my junk better than a jock and it fits better, never had to be re-adjusted and it's underwear, swimwear, funwear, loungewwear, and even sexwear. The gentle stimulation all through the day is fun and very pleasant and wrapping a buddy in one for the first time is a true bonding experience.

Ryan Rokushaku said...

It's great to hear things like this! I myself am wearing a gauzy white fundoshi today under casual dress slacks. Feeling jaunty and sensuous.